The ‘un’ of comfortable…

May Challenge, presented by Jenni, writer of the blog:


Day 3:  “Things that make you uncomfortable.”

Disrespect for our American soldiers, veterans, and the American flag

The sound of emergency sirens


Having to say, “Goodbye” to a loved one:


(Jacob telling Hannah, “Good-bye”)

Man-made disasters

Finding myself in deep water

Failure of customer service after the sale

Hackers (Of the ill-willed kind)

Difficult relatives


The months of June, July, August & September, in Texas (It be quite steamy in these parts, folks.)

Folks driving their vehicle while engaging in a cellphone conversation(s).

Cyclists who disrespect dog walkers

Dog walkers who disrespect the rest of us by not cleaning up after their doggie’s poop

Ill fitting shoes

Clothes that shrunk while ‘over-wintering’ in my closet

Mustache waxes

The ‘cha-ching’ of the cash register at grocery stores and gas stations.

A bare food pantry


Breast exams

Black ice

Burning crosses

Public bathrooms

Cow-herding, sardine-packing airline flights and baggage fees

Those who prey upon the less fortunate

Needing dental floss and not having any

Starting a day without four cups of coffee

Not remembering my best friends birthday.  (Who does this, anyway? … Well, me. Each. And. Every. Year.  I have to ask, Silla, “Now when is your birthday, exactly?”  You think I’m kidding, don’t you?  Nope.  There is something Freudian about this, but I am afraid to look at it closely.)


~ by coffeegrounded on May 3, 2013.

4 Responses to “The ‘un’ of comfortable…”

  1. Saying goodbye to that puppy always makes me so sad too!


    • Yes, I know. I am always wondering, Who is going to miss whom, more? Hannah looks for you for days, sniffing and going back and forth from windows to doorways.


  2. A nice long list of uncomfortables!

    Paula’s Place


    • Paula, I had to sit on my fingers after awhile … Walking away from the system, eventually. It’s an age thing for me. I no longer fret, as I did in my younger days about whether or not I’d offend someone, unintentionally.


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