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Jenni, spells it out, clearly, as always. . Today is Day #5, and our goal, should we accept, is to profess our love and devotion for one of our blogger friends.


I am blest.

My oldest daughter, M1, has authored three blogs, but her latest captures my heart most specifically:


This young lady doesn’t live close to home anymore, no, she and hubs are miles to the west of me, but with the help of cellphones, pics and this blog-baby, I always feel connected.  Oh sure, I’d give anything to wrap my arms around her on a daily basis, smother her in smooches, but let me not wax nostalgic; would she really want that? AND, wouldn’t I get a bit tired, especially on the days I had to deal with my less-than-happy moments (and hers)?

So.  You have the jest of why I love this blogger.  I have to, she’s my daughter (insert wink and follow with an eye-roll).  She feels free to express what it is she needs to say. No longer encumbered by the apron string that binds, this young woman can be honest with not only me, but more importantly, herself.  I feel blest, extremely so.  And this is where I refer you to a post she wrote that hit it out of the ballpark for me I admit, it stunned and saddened.  I was taken aback with her honesty, but after the hours and days passed, I came to realize just how much I respected, and loved (yes, LOVED), her’s and J’s decision.

There was no need to congregate the masses (family members), to take a vote, check us to see how we felt about this decision.  They consulted each other.

Now, I have to admit.  I had a bit of a heads-up on the details.  I did that mother-thing one day, not too many months ago.  I got my nose where it didn’t belong.  I asked:

“Do you and J think you’ll have kids one day?”

I got an answer, a bit descriptive,

“No, we will not, because…”

“Oh, I see.” I mumbled, and then half-heartedly spoke, “Well, I am happy that you and J could decide this without feeling you needed others to agree or approve”…or something along those lines.  I meant it, too, deep down inside.  I did.

When the phone call ended, I cried copious amounts of tears.  They fell off and on for days.  I eventually called in my posse (best friends), and had myself a major, Cry Fest.

Then, one day while washing dishes, a thought struck me. “Who were these tears for, really?”


Something heinous, way back when, brought me to a round-about, and when that thought struck it hit as brilliantly as any lightening bolt.  The understanding, of which, will follow in a later post.

So, my vote is for Miss M1.  I love her fortitude, character, flaws and faults.  I love everything about this beautiful young woman.  I even love her blog and the freedom she feels to bluntly go where no mother dares.

I love that more than anything!

~ by coffeegrounded on May 5, 2013.

6 Responses to “Blog Love”

  1. What a very open, honest blog post! Your daughter sounds like a great blogger – I am definitely going to check out her page!


    • Melody, that was a difficult post to write. I didn’t want her to be hurt by it, but to be empowered. Hopefully, a post down-the-road will give her additional insight. As always, thanks for your visit!


  2. Oh momma, I had no idea you were so sad about this. We will always have a little fur baby for you to shower with grandma love!


    • Dear sweet child, my sadness led to an understanding of something I could not face until it could no longer be hidden. And, it could not have been revealed had you and J not made your decision. Please trust me when I say that I experienced a BINGO moment; when that lightening bolt struck, it did so with such a force that it rappelled me into a truth I have not had the courage to face. It was not until it was forced out of me. One day you will come to understand what I will reveal, and you will know that out of something difficult, something great and magnificent was defined.
      Trust me. I will give you the story as time sets the stage.
      I am thankful for all that is, and all that will be. Oh, and my little fur baby? I couldn’t ask for a cuter bundle of joy! :)


  3. I love those ‘bingo’ moments! Your daughter is blessed as well.

    Paula’s Place


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