‘What do I do?’


Jenni, “Did you have to go here?”  I don’t like what I see in the mirror this morning and I sure as heck don’t want to discuss it!.

I forgive you, if for no other reason than I want to read about the lives of others, and there are many.  Your challenge for May was for us to write about ourselves and our lives.  And, every day you share your story, www.StoryofMyLifetheBlog.blogspot.com,beautifully.  Thank you for the opportunity to peek into the lives of those willing to venture inside their souls.


This is day six, and I’m still zipping, so her goes:

Okay, I must admit, upfront and personally, this question always creates a bit of havoc for me, when asked.  Perhaps it is due to those days of tedium and boredom I mentioned in an earlier post?  (The one where I talked about something I knew a lot about.)  Or, maybe it has to do with that gut-wrenching feeling I face each morning as I arise and take one look around the house.  THOSE CHORES, those gaud-awful, CHORES.

I am a housewife.

No.  I don’t like that definition.

I am a homemaker.

No.  I don’t haul in the cash around here.

I am a house mistress.

Nope, that ain’t it either.


I am a slave.

There we go!  That’s it.  That’s what I do.

I am a slave to a compulsive/obsessiveness that chains me to the dregs of the tedious. These are less than fulfilling goals, none of those as in days gone by, and there were goals, academic and professional, achieved, and recognized.  Yet,  I am reminded, “That was years ago!” (a little too often, sometimes, I might add).

None of this sounds fun, does it?

Well, I try to think on the bright side, about that glass that is half full.  The rose in bloom, and even if not mighty, she exists.  The days ahead, the forks in the road, the chances still to be taken and the challenges that ring eternal.

I strive for those, and I still believe in them.  I am simply chugging along working through the clutter until I get to where I am going.


I keep GREAT company!

~ by coffeegrounded on May 6, 2013.

4 Responses to “‘What do I do?’”

  1. Meggars, you are so right! I got caught up in the negative, it must have fogged me knowing I had that dental appointment this morning. All the things you named are my saving graces. :) Thank you for swatting me back into reality. Love you, Kiddo!


  2. I like that title ‘slave’. It fits! I am a slave too!

    Paula’s Place


    • Thank God, I am not alone. Next time I’m slaving away over here I’ll think of you, Paula. We’ll join forces using ESP so we can dialog through our boredom. ;)


  3. You forgot the fun things…baking, growing veggies, taking care of princess Hannah, and spoiling your other two daughters!


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