A moment from my day…

Miss Jenni, writer of StoryofMyLifetheBlog.blogspot.com, requests that we offer up a photo (and words, should we care to add them), from a moment out of our day, today.


I stole the cheat sheet from her desk while she was away, and all though she asks for a simple photo, it will take three for me to make up my diorama. (Pretend you are viewing this in 3D.)

P1150995 P1150996 P1160001

 NOTE:  Please do not include the insect gall I used it my header as part of my diorama.  ;)

~ by coffeegrounded on May 9, 2013.

8 Responses to “A moment from my day…”

  1. I love mowing! It is part of my therapy


    • Mowing is fun; it’s rewarding, too. There’s nothing like looking back after the work is done and reflecting on the end result. :)


  2. Oh I MUST show you Jacob’s new lawn mower. It’s not what you’d expect ;) I will take a picture soon!


    • Did he buy a herd of baby goats? Can I have a few? …

      Knowing my environmentalist and conservationist son, he purchased a push mower. Is Mom #2, correct?

      How is my son doing? I spoke to him briefly, night before last, and he had really had a rough go of it with the stomach bug. Hugs and kisses to all three of you. Miss you and am counting down the days. I am so excited! :)


    • It is a push mower!!! He loves it. He is doing much better, though he is busy tonight cleaning up the wood shop so I’m sure he’s tired.


    • Yep, I know my J well. :)
      Did he get the benches to the table, stained? (I sent him a message earlier in the week and told him that he owes me one, his momma one, and then he needs to remember Grandma H. and Grandma B. ;)


  3. eek, that looks scary!!
    Helene in Between


    • Helene, it’s only scary if I wait too long…it’s a chore that I am burdened with, and have been since almost the beginning of time (err, marriage, that is). It’s mowing. LOL! Actually, I don’t always hate the chore, it’s simply the fact that I’m a perfectionist at it and can’t handle the ‘less-than’perfect(ness)’ of it if I am on a time schedule. And, today I was. DFW was forecast for early showers, hence, that meant throwing caution to the wind on these indoor chores, and getting my rear, in-gear, out there on the greens(scape).

      Thanks so much for your visit. I have zipped over to check out your site. Love at first site! And, I notice that you are a Texan! Who-Hoo! Have yourself a great afternoon, and IGNORE negative posts. They are NOT worth reading, and once written they are the fabric of the Internet until a server disables or disappears. Why folks don’t realize this, and tread cautiously, I will never understand. Keep that positive frame of mind and never venture into the darkness.

      Kudo’s on your lovely blog!


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