Hard sell, grab this while you can!

For Jenni, (StoryofMyLifetheBlog.blogspot.com) and those of you that are still following along (and oh, I am so impressed!  I look at Jenni’s blog each day and am so taken-back by the sheer volume of folks that are writing on a daily basis).  Kudo’s to this lovely lady. She wills us to get ourselves in gear, and bluntly go where we may have thought we would never travel.  The gal’s an inspiration.  Thank you, Miss Jenni!


It’s Day #11, and we must sell ourselves in 10 words or less.  Did anyone find this task reminiscent of a job application?  Yeah.  Definitely.

When I began the task I scribbled feverishly a bunch of gibberish along the sides of scrap paper, old envelopes, the newspaper.  I kept searching.  And you know it’s bad when you have to reach for the dictionary, not only to see if your words are spelled correctly, but more specifically, is the word you’re searching for, actually a truth, or are you bending that line to a curvature?

Again, as always, I digress.  I tried not to spy upon what others said about themselves. That felt like cheating, and besides, how difficult can it be to conger up ten words about myself?  I’m a windbag.

Actually, it can be painstaking.  Personal inventories are not easy.

Hopefully, I have been truthful with myself.  There were many words I wanted to use, but they weren’t selling me, they were putting me in the group of:  File this resume in file 13. So, I took the more appropriate route.  The hard sell:

  1. Empathetic

  2. Loyal

  3. Team player (Let’s count this as one, shall we?…t.y.)

  4. Hard-working (One word, discount the hyphenation ;)

  5. Organized

  6. Grateful

  7. Loving

  8. Trustworthy

  9. Responsible

  10. Honest


Personal disclaimer

The following is a paid advertisement and for sole use of promoting myself.  Please send all employment opportunities through my email account.  My starting salary is six figures, and none of them contain a decimal point.  Six weeks paid vacation a year, stock options and a friendly work environment.  This offering must also include all existing and new hires.  On site child care and pet care, complimentary breakfast and lunches to all. Thirty minute exercise (mandatory for all employee’s), once in the morning, and again in the afternoon.  (Folks, we will be exercising for 60 minutes a day.  AND, you get to count this as part of your workday; pay included).  Telecommuting is permitted, but must be approved by one’s manager.  Weekly evaluations are required by the two teamwork players.  Raises are by merit, only.  Stock options are earned and appropriated at each calendar year of employment.  Reviews are conducted on a team basis, roundtable format.  Managers must be in attendance and willing to accept all discourse between their team(s), and likewise to the employees.  (We are not going anywhere if we don’t face our faults, learn to teamwork through them, and set standards that our industry requires in order to set our goal of being #1.)

This flow chart adhere’s to the structure that it will be evaluated, reviewed and discussed by 100% of the workforce.

We are all leaders, and we are all team players.  No one person shall be valued less than those who govern, and those that govern, must follow, and lead.

Respect each other.  We can’t win if we don’t succeed, and we can’t succeed by working alone.  Our learning curve begins, now!


I will not accept your criticism of this as an Ideology.   This is a game-plan.  Please devise yours and forward it.  Let’s use teamwork!  :)  Times a burning, let’s get folks back to work.  Inspiration comes from a soul repaired, not destroyed.


~ by coffeegrounded on May 11, 2013.

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