Living the sweet life…

Okay, sweet Jenni, author of, has asked us to give you , “A Day in the life (include photos from throughout our typical day – this could be “a photo of an hour” if you’d like).

Can I start by saying that I don’t have a normal day, ever?  I’d like to, but haranguing four animals and two other grown adults that occupy the 1800 square foot of our existence simply does not allow it.  I’m going to go with option B.  This would be the details of what appeared as of this Wednesday, May 15th, 2013.

Coffee cup #1 that included a serenade



(I wanted to stay for the encore, but company is arriving tomorrow.)

A mission awaits



(She’s thirteen, clean as a whistle and gets me where I am going.  I love you, Betsy!)

Southlake, Texas, Central Market

Some folks love the mall.  I love the grocery store, especially this one.  :)


Guess where my favorite spot is?


IMG_0173 IMG_0172 IMG_0171

And when I am thirsty for tea?

I drive down the street to this place.  :)


Detours and road construction can do this to $236.82 worth of groceries:


Game Plan:  A walk with my best friend


“But, Mama, you promised!”

“I know, sweet puppy, but rain beckons, and there’s a storm advisory!”


Surrounded by angel(s)

(Today’s disclaimer reads like this:  That header?  Yeah, the one at the top of this page, far left, and a feline trying to hide from me?  He escaped in the midst of the mayhem.  Rain is falling.  He’s late for dinner, but he’s afraid of the locked cubby that awaits him when he finally decides to ‘come begging’ for rescue.  T-minus 90 minutes, and those nasty storms are going to be his awakening.  Of course, he’s an animal.  He’ll arrive 15 minutes before the straight-lined winds, hail, or whatever comes hither.)

Momma is not happy.  At age 60, it’s a bit of a challenge to bend down to the bottom of the cabana and flash bulbs in his eyes.

Fret not.  I am only as bad as the decibel level of my screams.

He is clueless.  I warned you yesterday, remember?)

P.S. Jack, thank you for my haircut.  Stay well, or else!

~ by coffeegrounded on May 15, 2013.

8 Responses to “Living the sweet life…”

  1. Oh my gosh, McAllister’s tea! I haven’t had one of those in ages (our McAllister’s is on the opposite side of town and it seriously takes 20 minutes to drive there!). I love that they only come in size MASSIVE.

    And for your car being 13, she sure doesn’t have a lot of miles on her! Kudos on that!


    • Courtney, I would drive to Oklahoma,if I had to, that tea is UNBELIEVABLY delicious!

      Okay, truth about the car. Both of my daughters drove ‘Betsy’ to and from college. I finally got her back when they got their own cars. I HATE DRIVING. I live in the DFW area and road construction projects are ALL OVER THE MAP.

      Thanks so much for your visit. Next time I’m having tea, I’ll think of you, smile and send you a sweet ‘wink’…. :)


  2. I am just so jealous of your access to the best grocery store in the world! And I really love your walking shoes! Keep those pets indoors tonight, I just saw the weather report for DFW. Stay safe!


    • I have my bike helmet next to me. I’ve carved helmets for all the kitties and our pup. (I used hollowed out coconut shells and Velcro for their chin straps.)
      My new Merrell’s are wonderful! They only came in blue or pink and I wanted the pink thinking it offers an added benefit for cancer awareness.

      Our weather has eased a bit, but there have been six reported tornado’s, two of which have caused heavy damage and injuries. All to the south.

      Dad is home from his dinner, safe and sound. Mip’s is snuggled down, asleep.

      I hope you have a wonderful flight tomorrow. I am beside myself with joy. I will be wearing bells on my shoes and doing my happy dance at baggage claim.

      Love you!


    • I am sooo excited too! I keep telling Zu that I have to go visit Hannah for a few days, but that I’ll be thinking of her and calling her on the answering machine. I think she’s excited for some alone time with dad, but she’ll be missing me once he starts yelling at her to get off the couch and the bed.

      Keep the flashlights close by and make sure the pets keep their helmets on. Except for maybe Gilbert, a hard smack might do him some good ;)


    • OMG! You’re right, a smack or a bolt of lightening… Oh, but then he wouldn’t be the beloved ‘short bus’ monitor that we know and love. ;)

      Give Zubie my cellphone# as a backup. If her daddy gets out of hand I’ll call my son IMMEDIATELY with her flight information. I’ll bet I can locate a driver to get her down to the airport. I found someone to install a cars seat for that other man in my life. I have my ways of getting things done. ;)


    • I will pin the number to her collar.


    • And I will tattoo it to the back of my son’s neck so she can find it if he removes it from her collar.


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