Day 17, Friday, and as we round the corner and head down the stretch, Jenni,(, requests, “A favorite photo of yourself and why.”


This became an easier assignment than I thought.  I actually don’t enjoy being photographed, it’s a challenge, the older that I get. But I think that’s a fairly normal thing for those of us that live in our heads, holding onto ‘yesterday’ and those days and times when our clothes fit a bit better, and the hair color/texture played by a different set of ‘rules.’ ;)

This is an extra-special photo.  My oldest daughter (M1), arrived from northern California last night.  She’s in town for a quick trip to Austin for a best friend’s wedding, tomorrow. I’ll see her again Sunday evening, and then she leaves for home on Monday.



I would have loved to have included M2 in our photo shoot, but she had long departed for work, two cities over.

(Next time, Mips!  Mom promises we’ll have our act together and we’ll include you.)

~ by coffeegrounded on May 17, 2013.

6 Responses to “Prized!”

  1. You look wonderful both of you Megan looks amazing


    • Do I have to send you that $20 today, or can I do it later this week. ;)

      Yes, Megan looks wonderful. I told her you had noticed. I’m so proud of her. She’ll be running her second marathon in November. It’s Vegas. Want to go? We would have so much fun (not running), but hitting those one-armed bandits. ;)


  2. Aww, you both are beautiful!! Glad you got to see your daughter. :)


  3. Beautiful!


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