Digging deep…


Saturday, Day #18:

“Tell a story from your childhood.  Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.”

Jenni, StoryofMyLifetheBlog.blogspot.com, sets a great challenge for us today.  Especially if you have legally passed the posted speed limit out on the roadway.  Remembering is one thing, but trying to recall, accurate and descriptive details, may become the real challenge(s).  (I’m sure I can get Bubba and Big Sis to clarify things if this goes legal.) ;)


It’s a game of warfare out in the backyard.  Setting:  San Benito, Texas.  Heat hotter than Hades.  Three, maybe four (sorry, Bernie, I don’t know if you were with us or inside napping), but Bubba Joe-Fred (a name I have affectionately since given to my brother), and ‘Big Sis’ the nickname we all had for our oldest sister, and myself, are out in the backyard trying to figure out how to shuck the heck out of some boredom, or maybe we weren’t bored and we were just acting, ‘normal’, destructive and full of mischief.

Back to the setting, the backyard, blazing heat balls of humidity, but we are blessed in that our property has two navel orange trees, heavily laden with fruit (Joy #1).  One of our neighbors has a lemon tree, or two (Joy#2), and ONE MASSIVE grapefruit bush (Joy #3).  I say, bush, because this is where I settled in for the battle.  It’s not as tall, has heavy coverage and my cannon balls are HUGE!

Bubba Joe-Fred, had to be the instigator, he was always in charge of mayhem.  It was his duty.  Outnumbered by a house of female siblings, it was up to him to defend all that he felt due to claim.  He took shelter under one of those navels, as did, ‘Big Sis’, I think she flanked the second, either that, or she was in charge of keeping him ready with his next juicy sidewinder.

Fruit started flying, now and then we would hit one another. My grapefruits gave me challenge, by size alone, but I knew I had secured the most massive of missiles.  The bulb in my attic failed to flicker, brightly, and eventually, I was taken over by enemy forces.  I had no reinforcements which meant that retreat was my only option(s).  I wound up in the lemon tree forest.

Efforts were diligent by all forces.  Refreshment never felt so good, nor tasted so sweet, or sour.  (I think they cheated and reused my artillery.)

Oops!  Eventually all three of us ‘pretend’ warriors were spotted by a set of TRUE enemy forces.  A mother (our own), and the owner of the lemons and grapefruit weaponry.  One called screamingly, and most threatening, the other gave chuckle and encouraged us to continue, much to the dismay of our mother.


Have a hankering for mischief?

Got fruit?

Want to play?

Meet me out back in five!

P.S.  I have thousands of rotting acorns, gravel, and heavy stones.  At sixty, you never know what I’ll be throwing.

(My photo and my header are related.  I think.?.  A few weeks back, I began photographing a swallowtail pupa.  While checking my garden this afternoon, this beautiful and massive creature came to thank me for the dill I’d planted.)

~ by coffeegrounded on May 18, 2013.

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