Getting real…

Today, Jenni, StoryofMyLifetheBlog.blogspot, asks us to, “Get real.  Share something you’re struggling with right now.”


I have a list, but in the scheme of all things, the reality of today and what occurred around noon, is my greatest struggle.  M1, boarded a flight back to northern California. And before I get too soggy on you, let me just admit, it is not that she left me to go to hubs, it is that she left.  I LOVE, J., and am so thankful that these two are united.

My struggle comes, just as any mother’s (and daddy’s, too), does, when having to say, “Good-bye” to a loved one, especially when distance(s) get in the way.  The further they are, the harder it is.  It’s something about that distance factor.  In my heart and soul I know that she is loved and well cared for by J., and ALL of his family.  That is the blessing in all of this, but today I am simply being a mama.

She asked me not to cry, and so I didn’t…I don’t think I did while she was looking, but once she boarded the area for the TSA, barefoot region, and loaded that plastic bin, I felt salty water rise in my throat and nostrils.  Once I could no longer throw kisses and wave, once I turned and headed toward the exit of her gate area, well…


She doesn’t need to know.  Okay?  Just between you and me.  I had my pity party.  I even rode in the backseat of the car so that I didn’t have to put up with the driver giving me grief.  Because, we know that the male species operates on a whole other set of batteries.  That Venus vs Mars thing.  Perfect example:


And then there is this photo of M1 & M2 saying their goodbyes.  Proof positive that sibling rivalry is alive and well at this residence:


Oh, and then there were the poor animals.  Two hid, two appeared.  And it was the dog that took the news of M1’s departure the hardest.  When we left to go to the airport she knew the hard part was coming:


By the time we returned home from DFW, she had refused to come sniff the garden, eat a cookie, and when I finally did get her outside she woefully responded with this look:


As if to say, “Where did you take my mama?”  This is when I decided I needed to take action.  With temperatures rounding towards ninety, a walk was out of the question (we have that humidity thing that happens.  Temp says, 90, factor in humidity, and then just admit, “I ain’t going outside for nothing”)!

I grabbed her gear and put her in the car.  We wound up at the Grapevine Arboretum first.  Take a look:





The temperatures were still climbing as we made our way back to the little BLACK car. (Who in their right mind buys a black car in the Land of Hades? … oh, now I remember.) Windows down, air conditioner on Level 4 (That’s as fast and as furious as this 13-year-old can do/will do/does.)  I had a bright idea as she panted and I sweated through the light. Here is proof positive that this little girl, my Hannah, was going to muddle through and make it a day to reflect upon, not sadly, but joyfully.  The photo says it all, and for those of you who think she is ‘crying’…well, she isn’t.  She’s about to slumber.  She’s worn out after her mighty swim at Grapevine Lake:


(Yes, Betsy the car, smells like fish, wet fur-baby, and there’s five pounds of sand in the seat.  Do I give a flip? … My babes are happy, the wet one, and the one headed home to her #1, as is that one dealing with the sibling rivalry issue(s).  Life really is a bag of lemons.  Make some lemonade.  ;)

~ by coffeegrounded on May 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “Getting real…”

  1. I am blessed. You are proof, positive. Kisses & hugs to J and Zubie. We will definitely enjoy the Arboretum when you return. (Remember? This is the same area that Mip’s, G.S. troop adopted. The park area has since been expanded and OMGosh! It is simply magnificent.


  2. Oh mommy, I am always sad to leave you too, but I never feel very far away from you. I always know that you are just a phone call away and I hope you know the same of me. You dry those tears and take that pretty pup for another walk. I will see you soon :) And I want to go to the arboretum next time. It looks so pretty!


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