First point of contact

Jenni,( you do realize that half of us will run for our blood pressure med(s), or take up drinking alcohol before our posts are written.  You know that, don’t you?


Sidebar:  May 22, a day that will live notoriously for me.  My firstborn daughter was to be born upon this day in 1984; she opted for May 2nd.  But as moms expecting their first-born, the day the doc says, “Your babies due date is…”.  Well, we take it as gospel.  We arrange the universe, aligning it,  ‘just so’, cuz we women are nesters. Somehow we think we can control God’s plan.  Silly little people that we are.  ;)


Okay, but the year is 2013,

and Jenni has assigned us the task of writing about this subject:  “Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel.  (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off.”)


Customer Service…

(or rather, the lack of, or sorry excuse for…)

The bank (Has a stagecoach emblem representing it)

The cellphone company (Starts with a V, ends with an N)

Internet/Phone/T.V. provider (I ‘love’ abuse, their name begins with V, ends in an N and are part of the same umbilical cord system used in item #2)

Big Box Store, ‘Wally’s World’

Car dealership(s).  Specifically TWO that are local to the DFW area (I no longer ‘recall’ (cough, cough, cough…) what your names are, but the make of cars begin with the letter, A, and the second, VW)

Maker’s of my new kitchen appliances, G.E., (french-door, 25 cubic), G.E. (oven), G.E. (ceramic cooktop)

…..Please allow me a moment.  I need my high-blood pressure med.  I’ll be right back. Oh, anyone want some coffee?  I’ll bring the pot back with me.  Sugar and creamers?  I’ll dig those out while I’m in there.  Please be drawn to a Zen moment:


Obama Care (When can I expect those that are in charge of the mandates to figure out what it is that they are mandating, and when can my poor doctors be freed from the multitude of your ‘beloved-greatest ever-fantastic’ dream?  (Seriously, do you have any kind of thoughts on this?  Many of us are DESPERATE for you to get your CHIT together).

Public Schools (We speak several languages in this country, but if it is my tax dollar supporting your education, guess what?  I expect you to learn English and use it as LANGUAGE #1)

Fire Arms (Yes, background checks may be necessary, but before you go changing the United States Constitution why don’t you go round-up all those ‘illegal’ guns you dumped into the hands of those that have no right to carry our, tax-dollar-paid-for, weaponry? They are now using what we gave them, against us, and you are asking us to give up our right(s)?  WHAT PART OF THIS PICTURE DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?)

Mary-Jane.  I didn’t like her when I met her.  Can’t give her my time of day, but I’ll tell you something that makes some sense about the old gal.  She’s been around for YEARS and she isn’t going anywhere.  Pack them smokes up and tax the heck out of ’em. In Texas (I always roll my eyes on this bit of knowledge), we fund our public education in part with money from cig sales and lottery tickets.  Let’s get Mary in here and have her do her part.  I’m pretty sure most states now have PUBLIC FREE SMOKING areas.

Our politicians.  Every. Last. One. Of. Them.  Here’s some bits of advice, “Stand for something or you will fall for anything.”  “Grow a backbone.”  “Remember, earn your money wisely, and justly.”  “What goes around, can come back around and bite you.”  (… This is especially true when dealing with snakes.)

Business men and women who cannot be ‘bothered’ by those less (you assume?), as educated as yourself. I have one question, “Who moved you to the front of the class and pinned you with a gold star?”  Yeah.  Think about it.  Nothing shames me more than to see you having a business lunch or dinner and witness your “Holier than thou” attitudes. We all started somewhere.  Who knows, perhaps one day you will be asking your server for a job.?.?.?

As you can tell.  I could go on forever, but I’m going to wrap this baby up and put her online.  This customer service thing, I want all the Indians, Mexican’s and other nationalities that have assisted me to know that I am not singling you out as the reason for any lack of satisfaction that I feel.  If anything, I think you do a wonderful job with the resources you have at your disposal.  What I absolutely despise is the hierarchy that managers and corporate leaders (throughout this world) assign to those responsible for delivering their customer service as if it were a ‘headache’ or a ‘burden’, or less than important function toward their corporate success(es). It’s high time these folk’s in suits and casuals take a look around at what really affects their bottom line:

“The customer is always right!”


~ by coffeegrounded on May 22, 2013.

3 Responses to “First point of contact”

  1. agree, agree, agree! BUT as someone who has worked a great deal in customer service, I do feel that more and more people are feeling “entitled” these days and are taking advantage of the customer is always right adage. But I’m talking extreme cases…like once a man told me over the phone that if he were standing in front of me that he’d slap me. He called back a couple of days later to apologize and then eventually came in person to do the same, but things like that are situations where the customer is sometimes very, very wrong ;)


    • No one has the right to threaten anyone, anytime, anywhere or anyplace, in person or via electronically. Back in the day, while employed by G.T.E., it was drilled into our heads that in order to truly understand those on the other end of the line we needed to place ourselves in ‘their’ shoes, feel their frustrations (with their failing or failed equipment, and thus the problems that were multiplied by that failure(s). Yes, I live in ‘yesteryear’ but the fact of the matter is, especially among mega and global corporations, is THEIR sense of entitlement(s). Unfortunately, the crassness and greed has left many in this world to lose their sense of humanity. We are all to be held accountable, and, when we pay with our hard-earned dollars we should be supported appropriately if a product fails to perform as advertised and according to safety standards.
      Again, I see where you are coming from, appreciate what you are saying and am thankful you allow me to disagree. Everyone of us is accountable, and changing the world to a more civilized place requires the duality of respect.
      My customers were always right to complain, my duty was to find a solution to the error of our corporate ways … A collective enterprise.


    • Oh definitely, the big guys really only do care about the money. The government is the worst of all of them! They’re setting a fine example of how to screw over the little guy and all these other large corporations are just following along. I wish I knew a solution to the problem, but I can’t seem to think of one :(


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