Flight Memorial, Grapevine, Texas

Jenni, writer of StoryofMyLifetheBlog.blogspot.com, gives Day 28th, Tuesday, this assignment:

“Only pictures”

P1160230 P1160231 P1160232 P1160233 P1160248 P1160252


P1160263 P1160265 P1160266 P1160267 P1160268 P1160269 P1160270 P1160271 P1160274 P1160276 P1160277 P1160278 P1160279 P1160280 P1160282 P1160284 P1160285

~ by coffeegrounded on May 28, 2013.

2 Responses to “Flight Memorial, Grapevine, Texas”

  1. just beautiful!


    • And so heartbreaking. I have wanted to visit for a long time, but I knew it would be difficult. It’s a beautiful tribute. I actually touched the piece of metal from the twin towers. I let them know that they will never be forgotten.


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