Today our assignment for this Thursday, May 30th, given by Jenni, author of,, is to write about:  “Letting Go”.


With May almost over (one more day), some of us will awake tomorrow with mixed emotions, I’m sure.  Some of us may ask ourselves, why did I divulge so much, other’s may find a bit of remorse on their doorstep.  After all, this venue has been, while difficult at times, eye-opening at others, but most importantly, a connection.  For me, personally, it has confirmed my faith in how important it is to ‘listen’, listen openly, honestly and without judgement to the stories that other’s share.  For each of us has something we want, and we need to say.  Oh, surely, there are some things we wished we had not initially learned, but in summation we have found that culminating the story we are participants in a world we probably would not have shared without the aid of your forum. Our gratitude to you, Jenni.  I’m sure I speak for many.  Yes, there were days of dread, that like those of school days gone past.  You know, where the assignment loomed, the hours eaten by other concerns or procrastination.  Personally, I’ve been blogging for several years, but CoffeeGrounded is the first blog that I named and attempted to keep going.  The past year it almost faded into oblivion.  Like most lives, things occur beyond our control (as if we ever had any control in the first place), and there were times I thought about abandoning this venture.  I had almost put this pony to the pasture when I realized it meant a great deal to someone who mentioned what a joy she had found in reading it.  Heartbreaking, our family lost this person in a tragic accident.  And then several other deaths followed, all within the span of five months. At my age I know it is just the beginning of saying, “Good-byes”.  Life does not go on forever.  We don’t get a warning, a phone call from above telling us to get our affairs in order.  We have no way of sheltering those we love from the impending.  All that we can do is live this day.  The one right before us.  Live it, accept what it offers and hope that we leave a smile, a bit of hope to those that are journeying along on this freeway with us, letting them know that they are not alone, even if they feel as if they are.  For truth be told, none of us are alone.  We are here, part of this universe, this commitment to life, to living and to giving hope.  Your May Challenge has reminded us that our history is important. Today Jenni asks what it means to:



Letting Go:

Sometimes letting go is unnecessary.  It’s actually unhealthy. In letting go, there is a misconception that we are ‘accepting’ and  ‘forgiving’ of situations we have no control over. This is my example: The incest my father committed upon me.  I do not have to let go of that.  I do not have to forgive it.  I can keep it at the forefront of my mind, using it to give voice to those that can not muster the courage to put their pain into words.  I do not love this man, and I will never.  He took the love I had for him and he chopped it into a million bits of anguish.  I chew on the aftermath daily.  I do not have to forgive him.  I do not have to listen to people who tell me that it would be better if I would.  As spoken earlier, some times forgiving is unhealthy.  It diminishes the survivor and gives the criminal a free pass. ….. I have fought hard to understand what the term, letting go, means.  I have found it impossible to forgive injustices.  Sometimes out of fear that what I forgive is an excuse awaiting a repeat offense.  That a betrayal forgiven, is one that is most likely an offense, repeated. …. I do believe in Acceptance, though.  I like that term far better than those two words:  “Letting Go.”  Acceptance,  I can wrap my arms around it.  I can see through it, around it, grasp it if I need to, carry it if I want, and it is something that I can share, openly and honestly.  It offers hope, guidance, and freedom. I’m going with Acceptance.  All it takes is, Courage.  I can move around in Acceptance.  I can dance, if I want.




~ by coffeegrounded on May 30, 2013.

5 Responses to “Acceptance”

  1. I love this. And you are so right… do not have to FORGIVE. Not ever! Or even accept if you don’t want to. But I have found that writing about my pain has helped to ease it some. Very well written piece. And those flowers are too beautiful for words


    • Thank you, Paula. Keep your head up, girlfriend. I’m here for you. And if you ever care to have some day lilies, you let me know. I live in what is considered Zone 8. I’ll send ’em during the fall. I really, really, will. I would love to share them, and if they don’t over-winter, well heck, I’ll send some in early spring. We ain’t given up until the party’s over, and it ain’t over until you and I say it is! ;)


  2. beautifully written and beautiful flowers to accompany the words. You keep dancing :)


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