Reprieve with a Sand Pail

(Editing and Indexing are slow-going processes for me.  Can you tell?  Awe shucks, give me a break! Dream big, or go home.  Oh wait, I am at home.  Hmm….)


I don’t own a bucket list.  I do, however, claim to be the owner of a shiny yellow, plastic sand pail with a little white scoop for shoveling and casting said contents.  And, since I have never put together a list of, “What I want to do when I grow up, and before I cash in my chips,” I thought it might be a fun little diversion.  Play along.  I’d love to hear your dreams.  We can always come back and edit, adding and subtracting, multiplying or dividing.  This is our time to burn before that Timex quits ticking or Big Ben precariously falls from his perch, or that one-way phone call grabs our attention. ;)


  • Jump out of an airplane (hopefully with a working parachute)
  • Learn how to swim (not the Seven Seas, just the local aquatic center will be fine)
  • Hike the wilderness with a partner not afraid of danger, cuz I’m sure I’ll be creating some just for fun
  • Visit Antarctica for five minutes (okay, I know this is NOT possible, flights don’t work that way.  Conditions shift, etc., but if I could, I would…)
  • Overcome my fear of snakes by learning how to wrangle one with my own bare hands


I have many more, but I’m saving them.  Actually, I am trying to think them up as I go along.  ;)



~ by coffeegrounded on June 10, 2013.

5 Responses to “Reprieve with a Sand Pail”

  1. You can hike the wilderness with Jacob. He’s never scared.


    • I would love hiking with Jacob. He is an adventure within himself. I can only imagine the areas we would traverse. He’d just have to wait up, every now and then, cuz, well we know I am half his age. ;)
      Seriously, I think it would be fun if we were to hike Southern Colorado. I’ll bet Lynn would play guide for us, and he’d probably enjoy meeting Jacob, and seeing you, too!


    • Oh yes, that would be a lot of fun!


  2. Sounds like quite a bucket list you have started. There is no way I will EVER jump out of a plane


    • Okay Paula, here’s the game plan: you and I will jump together. You can keep your eyes closed and hold your breath. I’ll stay conscious and alert , marveling at the many wonders of the land that is fast approaching. There’s only one request I have of you. Will you hold my one free hand tightly? If we land safely, think of how proud and adventurous we will feel. And, if the jump is less than stellar we really won’t need to fret over that fateful fall, now will we?
      Seriously, my oldest daughter did a jump, but did not inform me until after the fall was completed. She was afraid I might worry, what she would later learn is that I had always been intrigued by skydiving and had once considered jumping with a club out of Tulsa.
      If George Bush, Sr., can do it, we’ll, I bet we can too! ;)


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