Wine Wednesday: I have a theory

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I have a theory that it is extremely beneficial to drink wine after a long run.  Not just any wine though, it must be a wine that has gone through malolactic fermentation (most red wines, and a few whites like chardonnay).

Malolactic fermentation is a secondary fermentation that involves converting malic acid (tart, like a green apple) to lactic acid (like in milk and other dairy foods).  For wine tasting purposes it basically just smoothes everything out and creates a softer taste.  But for running recovery purposes, I’ve found that it can greatly reduce muscle soreness.

This makes perfect sense, right?  I know a lot of runners drink milk after running so this is kind of the same thing.  And for a non milk drinker, this is a perfect alternative.  I happened to stumble upon this phenomenon by accident.  A year or two ago I was training for a half…

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~ by coffeegrounded on June 19, 2013.

One Response to “Wine Wednesday: I have a theory”

  1. I wonder what chemical reactions occur when I pour that specially fermented wine into my piping hot, steamy cup of coffee?
    I guess a lot would depend upon the ratio-to-ratio thing. I’d be using a Big Gulp cup, most likely.
    Are there bathrooms or port-a-potties at the finish line. Oh who am I fooling, I am not running 26.2 miles! I’ve only shown up for the beverages.


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