Happy Birthday, to my ‘twin’ sister!

(She’s ten and a half months younger, but she is my ‘older sister’ … because she is taller than me.  It’s our inside joke, and a favorite one of mine.)

Happy Birthday, Bernadette!

What were we thinking when we visited on Sunday?  Why didn’t we snatch us a Kodak moment?  Why didn’t I bake a treat and bring it to you?

Can I count my two sweet friends as chocolate cake and flowers?  :)

Thank you for understanding.  And thanks for all the laughter.  It’s been too long.  How could we have spent two years apart when car travel takes less than 3.5 hrs., to arrive, and 3.5 to return, unless of course I’m driving.  I need 5 hours front and back, and my friends require alcohol or Valium to brave my skills.   I’ve never seen two people so concerned over detours, wrong-way driving or a sunset in a strange part of town. CHICKENS!

Oh, and just to give you an update, Sandy is suffering white-knuckle syndrome and is currently hospitalized, Erin, on the other hand has taken to visiting Jim Beam every half hour.  They vow the only way they will travel with me in the future is via a Trailways bus or a yellow cab.  Funny.  I’ve never had a car wreck unless you count that one I had three weeks ago.  ;)  I’m perfectly fine behind the wheel of a car as long as I don’t care how long it takes to figure out where it is I am, or where it is I am going.  Sight seeing is a joy all within itself.

I’m thankful you’re my sister, and more thankful that you are one of my dearest friends. I am blest.  You just keep remembering that you are older than me because you are taller.  Okay?  ;)

I’ll share old photo’s and we can pretend they are new.  Place them in an imaginary frame and carry them, vicariously, to your office in the morning.  Celebrate all week.  At our age, we’ve earned extra party time.  :)  Explaining that to a younger boss may be a bit shaky though, just ask him if he’d like to take a road trip to ease his concerns.  I’ll be there in about six hours, give or take.








~ by coffeegrounded on June 26, 2013.

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