How to hang onto your child’s words, literally

I’m stealing candy from my babes. Trust me, they’re more thrilling to read, anyway.

When I’m perusing the 800+pages of my new WordPress text I nod off often, and it’s not due to boredom, but rather as a defense mechanism. I hope no one expects miracles when I fall graciously into The season of fall and my edits are still in rewrite. Now I fully understand why folks outsource their re formulating. I guess I can go incognito and adopt a new tag line and name. But enough about my procrastinations.

I’m simply going to keep you updated on what truly rocks my world. My marathon and 5k runners, M1 and M2. And, if I can teach the dog to post, or one of the three felines we may have a real three-ring circus to focus upon. One never knows around here.

However, I do promise a real life bread bake soon. Come heck or high water I should have a photo post by next weekend. All I need do is find instructions on how to fire up the oven. (Please don’t laugh…it has been months, literally.)

Enjoy a wonderful weekend. ;)

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When I ran my first marathon I didn’t really have a finish time goal in mind.  My main objective was to finish and not die.  I ran the entire marathon and only stopped to give friends and family a quick hug or high five along the course and to fuel up at several of the water and food stations.  I almost stopped to walk somewhere between mile 20 and 26, but a runner came up right behind me as I was about to stop and encouraged me to keep going.  So I did.

Ever since I signed up for the LV marathon I’ve had a finish goal in mind.  I finished my first marathon in 4:27 and I wanted to beat that time.  Shortly after my training began I decided that I was feeling stronger and somewhat speedier than I ever had so I amended the goal to a solid 4:15 (that’s about a 9:40 pace if you’re keeping track).

And then last weekend happened…The weather was unseasonably cool and overcast (ideal running condition by my standards) and  I ran faster than I’ve ever run before for a long distance run.  My average time per mile was 8:42 for 12 miles.  It felt fantastic.  I was elated as the miles ticked away and my pace remained steady.  I really try not to do math in my head while running (or in everyday life) so I really didn’t know what my finish time would be if I were running 26.2 miles at the same pace.  Yeah, I know it’s simple math, don’t judge me.

As soon as I got home I went straight to Google and looked up a marathon running pace chart.  I even avoid calculators when I can.  In case you’re wondering, an 8:40 pace calculates to 3:47 for a marathon finish time.  ”HOLY COW” was my first thought.  It never occurred to me that I’d be able to manage a sub 4 hour pace for a marathon, but instantly-that became my new goal.

It might be a crazy goal.  It might be unobtainable.  But it’s my goal.  It’s a terrifying goal for me, but I’m ecstatic to give it a shot.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be unseasonably warm and I haven’t run all week because it’s my “rest” week and I’ve been doing recovery workout videos, so I might be singing another tune by tomorrow afternoon, but let’s all cross our fingers and hope that last week wasn’t a fluke.

~ by coffeegrounded on June 28, 2013.

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