Blest by the best

Proceeds from my sister’s garden,

Texarkana, TX.

Texarkana Jalapeño

Texarkana Jalapeño

Texarkana Cayenne

Texarkana Cayenne

Texarkana Habanero's

Texarkana Habanero’s

The peppers are some that my sister gifted me when I visited her a couple weeks ago. She sent me home with a bag containing these, along with some beautiful banana peppers and fresh new potatoes.  I spoke with her last night and have discovered that her hubs has been busy pickling and making salsa.  A wild dash back to the stash is upcoming; I just don’t know when, nor should I divulge that information.  Thievery is best done under the light of a full moon, in the very wee hours of the morning. :)


Friends connected by a fence


Can you see the wink, the smile, the nose and possibilities?

My neighbor spent three weeks cutting, hauling and man-handling two very large elm trees that had seen their better days.  His wife and I are best of friends.  One afternoon she called me over to see the culmination of all his efforts.  Before I could appreciate ANYTHING (yes, I AM clueless), I spotted this beautiful piece of wood that seemed the perfect height for something I might choose to make of it.  As I am so apt to do, I blurted out words before thinking.  “Oh, Carol, can I have that?  That is a beautiful piece of wood!”

(Yes, it never occurred to me that it might be a treasure that she or he had already suspected held great charm.)

I own this.  My words and the wood.  Someone get some super-glue before I go on my next, “CLAIM”!

Yes!  I do have spectacular neighbors, and, “No, my house is NOT for sale.  Therefore you CANNOT have my neighbors!”


Some things from my garden

Dinosaur Kale Tree

Dinosaur Kale Tree

Greatest Kale for Stir-Fry

Greatest Kale for Stir-Fry

Collard Green Tree's

Collard Green Tree’s

Volunteer Cantaloupe :)

Volunteer Cantaloupe :)

Onions in a bassinet :)

Onions curing in a cheesecloth hammock :)

~ by coffeegrounded on July 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Blest by the best”

  1. I’m crazy about gardening!!! Believe it or not, I’ve never tried growing kale and seeing your picture makes me wish I had! Definitely on my list of “what to plant” in next year’s garden!

    PS Love your photos! Beautiful!


    • Clara, I LOVE kale and it’s so easy to grow in this climate. It’s one of the most versatile greens. Salads, stir-fry, etc., and very few pest problems.
      Thanks for your sweet thoughts. I hope you are enjoying a great summer. Mail me some rain and cooler temps. ;) We are headed back into the 100’s again today.


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