The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, New York Deli Rye Sourdough (adaptation)


This recipe comes from page 236 of, Peter Reinhart’s, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice,  (Ten Speed Press, 2001 edition), and requires a rye sponge.  You’ll prepare this item a day before the actual bake.  P.R. suggests using sautéed onions (an addition added into the sponge before fermentation), but in a household where a daughter  abhors such an item, I omitted them.  (I’ve had this bread, with or without, and it’s delicious no matter how you choose to make it!)  Also, you’re offered the choice of buttermilk versus milk. Go with buttermilk for that extra bit of tang.  Using caraway seeds are also optional.  If you leave them out,  ‘shame on you.’ ;)  And last, but not least, there’s the choice of using shortening or vegetable oil.  For this bake I opted for a heady, extra-virgin, olive oil.

 Large-sized sandwich loaf


Two Petite Loaves



Crust & Crumb

Sandwich Loaf




On the verge of over-proofing



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