They’re all over the garden,

hanging among the Rudbekia, the last of the surviving petunia’s and mingling within the layers of the Senna bush.  They favor the wild sunflower, but it’s blooms are fading as are the flowers of the basil and marjoram.  Fret not, little and big bee’s, more flowers are upon the horizon.  All we need is rainfall.  Copiously falling, and with it, hopefully a rest from these 100 degree days.  For the past week it has become relentless, and living within the concrete island that is DFW and the major freeway arteries that flank this enclave, we can but hope and offer up our rain dances to the gods as offerings.

Time to meet my friends.  Well, kind of…seems they have up and moved or are out sucking the nectar for all it’s worth.  I hope that is the case, for this year I’ve seen an abundance of them along with the dramselflies and dragonflies.  Good signs, very, very, good signs!  Organically grown food is offered 24/7.  I think the word is getting out.  ;)


While we’re viewing the mysteries

of my wonderland, allow me to show you my brickwork.  (No comment needed from the peanut gallery.)  I know that it is not perfect, but to the eye of the trainee, well, heck, this thing is beautiful!  It required 500 lbs. of sand.  Yes.  500.  No.  I did not haul it.  I did spread it.  And spread it.  And …. well, I worked on it for three weeks.  (Yes, I am slow, but I’m meticulous.)  I dug out the area, leveled it with inches of sand, raked it, wet it, smashed it, dried it.  Three times, total.  I leveled it and I swung the rubber mallet to place them evenly.  I checked, double-checked and continued.  I spread sand, swept sand, packed sand and packed more sand.  In the end, I thought it would be like making sugar cookies.  I thought there would be a manner in which I could stabilize everything, evenly and perfectly.  I went to bed.  It rained one evening.  Checked on it in the morning.  Added more sand and swept it into areas.  Don’t tell anyone.  It is sinking.  It has shifted.  It is still mine to claim though; a lesson in learning a new trade. No? You’re right.  I just can’t lift 50 lb. bags of sand.  I just can’t do it. Nope. Nada. Zip. I’ll build in the comfort of the kitchen from now on.


It’s over 100 degrees outside.

Do you think I care?

Back to the garden.

I harvested a huge bucket of greens (collard greens) for my friends pot-bellied pigs.  She gifted me with some chicken chit.  I’m saving it for the grass clipping composting area. Sweet smells of success!  I also harvested a large amount of comfrey.  Next week I am reworking an area for fall planting.  More kale is going in so it can feed me through winter.  Here is my kale tree.  She’s given me two salads this week.


~ by coffeegrounded on August 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “Buzzed!”

  1. I’m just amazed by those bees! And the brick work ;)


    • I have an idea for the path…I’m going to let it settle thru the summer and rework the area that has shifted. I ran out of large, lengthy bolts when anchoring and substituted landscape anchors.

      The bees are friendly! I can be tending an area and they never bother or buzz me.

      Wish you were here; I miss you so much!

      Love you,


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