Join Buffalo Tom Peabody’s and my request

Intellectual Property Laws 

prohibit me from posting the recipe that is linked to in this post.  Please click the link listed, given at the end of this page, to pull up the recipe we will be baking.  If for some reason you have any questions concerning the link provided or the recipe, itself, I’ll do my best to answer them.  Simply write in the comments section. 


Here’s our request:

We is on our way to wrangle ourselves into some sorts of trouble.  Bread trouble.  We’re on a mission to bake us up some American Indian bread.  Want to join us?  We’d love to have you.  I’m posting a recipe from the website that offers up what must be one mighty, tasty loaf, or two, or three.  You divide her into as many loaves as you’d like, but don’t forget to go adjusting your baking times according to the size of them thar pans you use.  K?  Okay!

Buffalo Tom Peabody came mosey-ing into my life via another Blog Phenome, Mr. Chris Hinton, author of, The Dimwit Diaries.  Seems the two of ’em had been communicating and laughing their sides off before I waded into their cyber pool of mischievousness.  Let me correct myself, just a tad, Chris invited his readers over to take a look at Buffalo Tom Peabody’s antics and the rest is history, in my book.  Now, before ya’ll get yourselves gussied up to bake this here bread recipe I’m about to reveal, I want ya’ll to wander on over and take a look at these two clowns, and enjoy a few of their performances.  Actually, they ain’t real clowns, but rather, comedic geniuses.  Warning, if you wear them adult diapers be sure to have a few extra’s stashed close.  (Don’t say I did warn ya’s all ahead a time.  You just never know what I’m gonna be throwing at cha’s, and this here’s some mighty good stuff.  Bread will be too, but first you gotta get some sand in your cowboy boots and ya got’s to wrestle with the brave Buffalo Tom Peabody.  We are in cahoots to get you out of that there sand box you’ve been hiding in, and get yourselves into the kitchen for duty.)  By the way, this ain’t no contest, nobodies gonna win a prize, cept for the joy of being in our good company.  And we are good company, and if you’re reading this, well, consider that you’ve been adopted into our family of mayhem, and we are in your good company.

First things first.  We ain’t got no time limit on our bread baking, ‘cept for what that Fareheit rule is once you shove them thar loaves into your oven.  Then you is on your own at listening for the buzzer, or the shout-out when mama screams:  “Dang, you gonna burn this barn down if you don’t get in here and get this out of the oven!  Things is getting smokey in here!”  (Which of coarse means you have over baked your Squaw Bread and you gots to go back to the start of the line.  Reorganize your life a little bit better, for #2 of your bread baking initiative…as in, turn off that danged t.v. set, and give mama a ticket to the beauty shop.  You set up NASA Countdown to bread-ready and clean up while you is in there waiting for timer #2.)


Pardon me

while I get professional for a moment.  I want to express how I arrived at this quest for Indian Squaw bread.  Lines may be blurry by all the riff-raff I’ve shellacked up to this point.  Let’s begin with formal introductions of my prize winning blog friends, Mr. Chris Hinton and Buffalo Tom Peabody.

Chris Hinton

author of,  The Dimwit Diaries, this page gives us a bit of an idea of who Chris is, but just a tad bit.  He is a well-rounded, enigma that I proudly claim as, The Cowboy.  (No one else can use that name but me.  I trademarked it especially for ‘Dimmie.’)

Buffalo Tom Peabody

author of the blog by the same name, Buffalo Tom Peabody, this link explains who he is. I call this guy, Mr. Inspiration, and I also have his given name, trademarked.  (You’re right, you CAN’T use that name for him, either.  Copywrite laws are especially heinous when ignored.  Remember, I live in Texas.  We have the death penalty and some pretty strong gun laws!) … Okay, I pranked you on that one.  I am not legally allowed to carry a gun, and no, I am not on parole.  ;)


Well, you say, I thought this post was suppose to be about bread?  Well, “Heck, fire and gee-whiz.”  You’d be right, but have you ever known me to write a simple sentence much less an abbreviated outline?  I rest my case.  ;)


This here is how Buffalo Tom Peabody and I got to talking about this particular bread.  He commented on one of my former bakes for the BBA work that I’ve been blogging.  One particular bread reminded him of Squaw bread.  Here is one of his comments:

“Someone once offered me the recipe for Squaw bread… And then they would never ever give it to me. I really like it. :-)”  …a direct quote from Buffalo Tom Peabody, hisself.


Well, that did it

Set my sail.  Sparked my sparkler.  Lit my candle.  Fired up my Dodge.  You name it, it did it.  After all, it’s BREAD!  If “You don’t know me by now, you will never, never, know me…”  (Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.)  The bread baker in me could not allow a walk by and ignoring of justice.  I challenged myself and my twelve other personalities to locate a recipe and then considered inviting a few folks into the fold to have a friendly bake.  Let’s get this party ‘shakin and a bakin’, shall we?  I is gonna try my hand sometime later this week.  Now, I got’s to go and water the burnt-up garden vegetation. Ya’ll check me on the flip side.  Send them thar comments and photo’s if ya like.  Or, if yo got them summer time blues, you can vicariously live through Buffalo Tom and me, but ya best think about what you is havin for dinner.  We ain’t likely gonna share bread breakin via cyberspace.  Ain’t bought our transporter yet.


Squaw Bread Recipe:

(Attention:  Buffalo Tom Peabody, if you are unable to link to the site via TTS, send me a note.)

~ by coffeegrounded on September 3, 2013.

12 Responses to “Join Buffalo Tom Peabody’s and my request”

  1. Love your section headings…lol!


    • Thanks for your visit, Cynthia, and for your sweet comment.

      The bread bake was a fun expedition. Buffalo Tom Peabody is an exceptionally kind and patient individual. Chris Hinton is, likewise.

      Enjoy a great evening. Thanks for leaving your link. I look forward to reading your blog.


    • Thank you! That was a fun post to write.


  2. ( Roaring with laughter here!) I have successfully navigated the The link, bookmarked it, and have my shopping list ready.
    In my quest for the ellusive squaw bread, People have said things to me like; ” Squaw bread?… It ain’t bread, It ain’t sweet, it ain’t savory, It ain’t bread bread!” My reply to these stingy doubters always was and always will be, ” Go Milk your goat!”
    I think with this recipe you have hit paydirt! Yahoo! My bookmark on this recipe is now a prized possession! I have saved it to the cloud! I have backed it up to my Google account!
    Because I’m blind I may have to burn a loaf or two before I get good results.


    • You are a hoot! I had several to choose from, but decided upon this particular one because it had a five star review. We shall see, won’t we, after our taste buds deliver the verdict. ;)
      If it turns out not to our liking we will simply journey onward. I had thought of asking Peter Reinhart via email if he had heard of this, and, could he direct us toward a particular item. I reconsidered, at this time, namely because the class year has just begun and he is more than likely heavy into curriculum. That is not to say that we might discover someone coming forward with their own interpretations. That would be a joy!
      My blog is at the mercy of those that stumble upon it. I write more for my personal fancy than for promotion. At my age, I enjoy the freedom of the whim, the joy of ‘the want to’ and not, ‘the have to.’ ;)


    • Your blog is a joy!
      This recipe seems like the right basic recipe. I know of a couple variations… One is for a bread basket loaf That incorporates sunflower seeds! I have no idea how this substitution is done! It is still slightly sweet like the basic loaf but incorporates the sunflower seeds. It is a great appetizer bread prior to a heavy meal… It takes some of the edge off the red meats and such so that you don’t eat quite so much meat. My view… Give me the squaw bread and keep the meat in the kitchen! :-)
      I really appreciate you doing this! I’m pretty anxious for the eatin’!


    • I’m going to dive a little deeper and see what I can find out about the bread basket loaf. I’ll check back in later, or in the morning.


    • Okay, that sounds great!


    • This recipe looks like a great one! I’ll bet it has inspired a lot of variations. I think it is kind of an earthy bread, perfect for the fall season and harvest time. I’ve even heard of people putting chopped dried apples in it! My tongue has been slapping my face silly ever since you found this recipe!


    • I think it’s definitely one of those items that is versatile on so many levels.
      I am still searching for the Bread Basket version. Tom, was the sunflower seeds within the bread or part of the crust?


    • The sunflower seeds were in the bread. There were also some other nutty things in it Which I can’t recall. I had the Sunflower seed version several times in restaurants In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, when I would travel there. They were the ones that called it the bread basket version. They serve as an appetizer. I don’t recall the name of the restaurant but I do believe it was a national chain. It was a family style restaurant and squaw bread was a staple. I hope that helps.


    • Location, location, location! This investigator is vicariously headed to the north. ;). Stay tuned!


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