‘My family’s a bit wild’


“I’m looking for a friend,

 can you come over and play?”


“No, mom said it’s nap time.”


“Leave me alone, kid, I’m grazing in the grass.”


“It’s lunch time; have you eaten?”


“Yes, mama took me for a veggie burger.”


“You want to borrow my stick for stick ball?”


“Okay!  Let’s gather a group.”


“I want to play, too!”


“Be careful crossing that fenced area!”


“Who you talking about?”


“I’ll keep an eye on ’em, Mr. Elk.”


“If I suspect trouble, I’ll stomp on it.”


“Wait for me!”


“Hey, you kids want to toss rings?

One of these horns ain’t broke, yet.”


“He’s coming, he’s hurrying…”


“Nap times over…

here I come!”


“Where are we going to play?”




“Hey, you kids wait for

Grandpa and Grandma.”


“Grandpa, go grab a hankie.



“Look, there’s Bubba Joe-Fred,

let’s see if he wants to join us.”


“Whose making all this noise?”


~ by coffeegrounded on September 14, 2013.

6 Responses to “‘My family’s a bit wild’”

  1. Great story and photos!

    • Thank you BuffaloTomPeabody! I traveled to the area earlier in the week with two of my dear friends. This trip was amazing. Only sad part was that the area is so dry stock ponds are drying up, but we figure there are either wells, or there will be water hauled in for the animals. The conservation measures are phenomenal at this place; I was so impressed! Not far from this sanctuary there’s also an archaeology site where many dinosaur bones have been discovered.

      There’s much to see in Texas, but living in the DFW area, it sometimes feels as if there are only two things: concrete and tarmac. ;)

    • I used to travel a lot and Texas is one of the most interesting places on earth! And there are so many Quirky people there! I love quirky!

    • Yes, Texas is definitely a quirky and interesting place. I’ve tried leaving three times, but something always brings me back. The diversity of its people and the fact that there are so many unique cultural and regional differences are pluses, but the heat and humidity can be relentless. In the midst of every summer I find myself chewing on the same philosophical question, “Why would anyone want to claim land rights in the midst of Hades?” …but then I remember, The Alamo. ;)

  2. these pictures are so beautiful! Can you get a giraffe for the backyard? Pretty please?!

    • Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed these. Oh my, a giraffe would not only be beautiful in the backyard, but he could also trim my trees for me. What a grand idea!

      That little fella, that begins the story, truly stole my heart, though. He looked right at me and it was love at first sight. I wanted to bring him home. :). I’ve got to think of a name for him…you know how I am about nick-naming things. LOL

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