Therapeutically talking out loud

While schoolyard bullies are running amuck in Washington D.C., holding the American citizen hostage, a myriad of questions arise.  It matters not what side you are on, if in fact you are upon anyone’s side, what concerns us is the way their actions (or lack, thereof), affect us, and not them.  Their insurance and paychecks will be available, uninterrupted, while we, the American citizen and taxpayer have no other option than to wait out their freak show.

This current state of affairs will do one of two things:  1.) Divide America, further, or,  2.) Unite us to initiate what Congress and the President couldn’t, Term Limits.

We do not need a law to remove an incumbent.  We have our vote.  Don’t discount it. Use it.  Tell a story with it.  Give it as a gift to the future.

Do these elected officials believe we will concede due to fatigue?  Where in the heck have these people been holed up for the past several years?   Oh, that’s right, they’ve been in the taxpayer-funded cafeteria,  barbershop and beauty salons, on junkets and other reprieves while the American taxpayer has been steadily holding up the core.

A handout is always a handout.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an elected official or an illegal.  As I sit here and ramble I can’t help but think of all the American Veterans I know that put their lives on the line so that I could enjoy the freedom to type a note like this.  I’m angry that Washington D.C. is holding me hostage, but I laugh heartily as I ponder, “Do they think the taxpaying public will eventually succumb to Stockholm Syndrome“?  Do they sincerely believe that we are not able to think without leadership? And whose leadership are we discussing?  I see millions of people using their leadership skills day in and day out.  They go to work, send their children off to school, make their mortgage payments, car payments, assist their elderly parents, and send their children off to college to prepare them for a better future.

So, while you folks in Washington D.C. are busy with your schoolyard antics, do the rest of us a favor.  The next time you walk by a mirror, take a look at yourself.  Now you know the standards most of us use to define the word, bully.


Tomorrow we will discuss, laziness.

~ by coffeegrounded on October 2, 2013.

4 Responses to “Therapeutically talking out loud”

  1. Very well said….


    • Thank you for your visit, GrannyB. Rarely will I poke my head out, politically, on my blog, but this business, “just got my goat,” so to speak. It still has me wrangled, but I’ve got some justice coming my way. I haven’t missed a Federal Election in all my years of voting.

      You have a great day! Thanks again.


  2. It’s sort of a mind numbing conundrum that political figures paid by fellow tax payers are being told what to do and how to do it.

    Also, I think it’s odd that these political figures all dress alike. Really, would it hurt to be a bit more casual?

    I would like to see the leader of the country having a public speech with a beer oh yeah, puffing at some fine pipe tobacco wouldn’t hurt, either.


    • The shepherding mentality gets my ‘goat’, but I don’t mind the professional dress attire. President Obama did sit down and have a brewski, if I recall, but I can’t remember who his drinking buddy was.

      Political png-pong is a sorry way to run a country. All’s I’m saying…

      Thanks for your visit.


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