Congress called…

They want their Season back…






~ by coffeegrounded on October 7, 2013.

8 Responses to “Congress called…”

  1. Hi Margie,

    Talk about being behind on blog responsibilities – have been out of state and came back to all kinds of things that needed immediate attention. So, have not posted a new article on my blog in almost 2 weeks. Will rectify soon.

    My books are not yet published. Have written three, each a different plot and characters, and am hoping to publish traditionally, but am aware that self-pub may be the only way my books will see print. Thank you for your flags waving madly over my head. I’m truly humbled and flattered.

    Late night here, and another early morning alarm tomorrow which is shortly around the bend. So, off to bed and a bit of sleep.

    Be well,


  2. Fall has shown up around here too and I’m loving it!


  3. Gorgeous photos


    • Thank you, Shari. I set out to work in the garden, but there was too much to do, and since I was overwhelmed with the task, I ran back inside to get my camera. Soon the colors will fade and weeks will pass before I set foot upon it’s glory again. I savor whilst I can.


    • You have a generous soul. To respond to gardening tasks with a camera – that’s wonderful.


    • And you, Sharon, create a garden with your words!

      Thank you for visiting, ‘The Eye-Candy Store,’ and PLEASE! send me to where I can cast my vote. (I missed roll call! Ekk…)


    • Morning, Coffee,

      Thank you for your generous enthusiasm for my blog. You probably think I’m ungracious not to respond more quickly, but my computer started acting like I’d asked it for a divorce – and jump started the process by crashing so many times that I gave up trying to use it at all lest it burn all my files. So, computer and I have made up (I’ve promised it its usual dose of cookie crumbs and an extra swipe with the dust cloth) and am finally able to catch up on everything.

      About the Liebster: If you search on your favorite search engine, you’ll find a lot of info about the award and how to honor someone with it. It comes with a badge ( a widget?) that the nominee can show on their blog, as good as any Oscar on the mantlepiece. Soon as I can figure out how to attach the Liebster award, it will shine on mine. You are welcome to honor anyone whose blog has fewer than a certain number of followers (I’m not sure the number, but mine is definitely qualified.)

      I really enjoy your blog- love the photos and posts. Again, my thanks for your kind words and support.

      Shari *: )


    • Hi Shari,

      It took a month of Sundays’ for me to view my comments. I’ve become lazy with this blog. Summer is winding down, the garden will disappear, and then I’ll hopefully get a foothold on organization.

      Please tell me you are ready to publish your book. I’m ready to read! ;) You weave words, magically, my friend.


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