Monster Mash…


Remember the giant mushroom(s)?  Well, Halloween witches had their way with her. Along with the rain that pushed its way through here on the 30th.  All that is left is a rather, sticky, slick, pile of YUCK:


I did find a few more surprises, much prettier and more worth posting:


After crawling from under the stinky cabana, I did a walk through of items clinging to Fall.  Weather is still beautiful, highs in the upper seventies and lows in the sixties to upper fifties.  For now, that is.  Texas weather changes on a dime.

Let’s enjoy the last of this year’s beauty’s, shall we?  Yes, yes we will…

Georgia Collards


Glass pearls, included  ;)

‘Into the Center of the Collard Universe’


Insect included

 Berggarden Sage


Misted by morning dawn’s dewdrops

Yellow Canna


Hanging around, simply because, I can!

Texas Nandina


Invasive species, but beautiful if controlled.

 Cherry Tomatoes


hundreds of them…


Enjoy November!

~ by coffeegrounded on November 1, 2013.

4 Responses to “Monster Mash…”

  1. Your pictures are simply gorgeous. And thanks for identifying that beautiful mushroom.

    Smidgens, Snippets, & Bits


  2. When I lived in Alabama I grew several varieties of Nandina. I’m not sure how closely related they are to the Texas Variety. I was particularly fond of the dwarf variety Which made a beautiful and colorful small shrub.
    Another great post!


    • Hi Tom!

      I love the domestic Nandina. The flowers in Spring, to the berries in, Fall. Drought tolerant and hardy, seemingly pest free, too!

      Most likely the Texas variety is claimed in these parts simply because of their size and because, well, you know…Texas lays a claim to anything BIG. ;)


    • Your photos capture them beautifully! Your article also reminded me of some of the ‘Alien’ Vegetation that is found in those shady nooks and crannies of the south. It must be those long hot humid summers.


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