Help! I’ve broken out

In Chives

I’m going to need a machete to navigate the kitchen.  This dude is prepping for Tarzan!


Genovese Basil is looking to make a strong statement and a very happy cook  ;)


This guy’s all “steamed-up” about his lack of progress.  Meet Parsley, shy and a bit reserved.  (I think there’s action happening, though…)


I love this little garden, gifted to me by my brother at Christmas.

Thank-you, ‘Bubba Joe-Fred’.  Thank-you so much!  I plan on gifting you some pesto, a garnish and a spud dressed with pizzaz!  (Got to go plant the eyes for that spud.  Check back later to see how I’ve weed-whacked my kitchen during the harvest season.)


~ by coffeegrounded on January 5, 2014.

3 Responses to “Help! I’ve broken out”

  1. MAZEL!!!


  2. Those are so neat! Can’t wait to see the results.


    • The light that they grow under is amazing, too. (The light spectrum mimics daylight!). I’ll have to air-dry part of the harvest and ship you a bit. I’m most excited about the basil. I use loads of that on a regular basis.
      Oh… Hard to believe, but I have one, very lonely cherry tomato, ripening in my kitchen window. Last one from the bumper crop from fall!
      (Xo x’s 3)


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