‘Hair of the dog…’


Oh my!

Do you feel as if I have mislead you?

My apologies, but seriously, don’t you know by now that I can pull a prank every now and then?

Okay.  Such is not a prank, but how else could I get you to read this post?

I was vacuuming.

Actually.  My daughter was vacuuming.  I arrived home.  I looked at the floor and found trash bits scattered about and wondered, “Did that girl plug that thing in before she ran it across the carpet?”

Yes.  This story is about debris.  The field(s) of which it arises, rather, arose and the feeble attempt to make something out of nothing.  Because, well, dead grass really is, nothing.  Unless of course you compost, and then it becomes a bit of dirt.  In which case, things are really turning ugly, rather, dirty.  And, by now you simply want me to ‘go find myself’ and stop wasting your time.  To which, I respond:  “Thank you for stopping by to see my mess.”


let’s get back to the hair of the dog, shall we?  Yes.  Yes, we shall.  ;)


~ by coffeegrounded on January 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “‘Hair of the dog…’”

  1. Love this – you made me smile, trick or not.


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