Flaming Candles, 2BuckChuck!

The above lovely ladies are his favorite people.  He won't tell you that, but 
leave it to a group of sisters to embarrass a single male in the midst of raging
female hormones.  He's not sure how he survived the shame of being the only boy
in a group of five women, but we are thankful he hung in there with us.  He's our

(WARNING: this post contains content not appropriate for anyone under age
21 or anyone that can read.  I'm guilty of pranking my beloved brother.  
Join with me, but don't stand too close to the cake.  This fella's turning 
65.  I'd like to have my upper lip waxed, but these eyebrows are already 
a bit sparse.  If he goes hurricane force on blowing out the candles we're
all in trouble!)




‘cuse me, I’m typing a birthday wish to my brother, formerly referred to as, Bubba Joe-Fred.

He recently informed me that he’d like a nickname change.  Awe shucks, why not oblige

him?   I’m blessed with four sister’s and just this single bub, so what the heck!  Let’s go rogue

on him and give him the gift that pleases.  He wants to be renamed 2BuckChuck.  Thinks it fits

A bit better than that Bubba Joe item.  Must be something to do with his Wyoming birth roots.

Or perhaps those early days of manhood where ‘wining and dining’ the ladies meant a burger

from the hamburger joint, and a bottle of cheaply, and pungently ‘perfumed’ vino, confiscated

or ‘conveniently’ delivered at said location by a rendezvous resource(s).  Memories either fade or

take on a whole new dimension of “reality” when we are in the speed-cycle of life.  Let’s help

build this tall tale into high fashion by high noon!

So join in this festive celebration and grab a brewsky.  Help Hannah and I sing a few bars of

what has now become his favored song, cuz let’s face it, if this is the SIXTY-FIFTH time he’s

heard it, it becomes sweeter each year you return to hear it!  ;)


(Please note that Hannah is ready for a sea rescue.   I’m over here saluting, Congratulaions Mr. C.R.W., Retired USN Master Chief, “2BuckChuck”.)



Happy Birthday 2BuckChuck!



~ by coffeegrounded on August 15, 2014.

2 Responses to “Flaming Candles, 2BuckChuck!”

  1. 2Buck is one lucky guy – Happy birthday!


    • All five of us sisters remind him of what a lucky soul he is to have such a lovely (’em) and precious group of women that care for him in spite of his shenanigans. He’s a keeper, was from day one. Ain’t enough money to trade him, ain’t nobody better. Been a brute at times, but taught us a few things we needed teaching, and likewise, we scrubbed him up clean and made him presentable. Taught him a few manners, he taught us a few wild swings. All turned out equal, if you can count five to one as equal. :)

      Great to hear from you Sharon. Hope all is blessed your way. XO


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