Happy Birthday, Mips!







Today is M2’s birthday.


I can’t believe it was 24 years ago that I was welcoming our miracle baby into the world. And a true miracle she was!  In the midst of being treated for a brain tumor I was warned that my chances of giving birth to a second child was slim, to none.  This news was beyond devastating.  Each time a friend and neighbor announced an upcoming birth, I wavered back and forth between extreme happiness for their family, while suffering deep sadness for ours.

When I learned I was pregnant, it was a time of wonder, surprise, but also one of great trepidation.  Medications I was taking to suppress tumor growth were stopped, but worry entered into the picture.  Not for myself, but for the health of my unborn.  Test after test were administered, genetic counseling was one of them, after an amniocentesis was performed.

I threw myself into planning her nursery, refusing to accept that there might be complications and health concerns for either of us.  My oldest daughter brought me peace of mind.  I would look at her and think to myself, “What a beautiful gift!”  I concentrated on the awesomeness of her specialness and refused to go into a negative mode.  Together we recreated “her nursery” in blue and white gingham.  (I knew M1 was a boy from the day I learned I was pregnant.  No one could sway me into thinking of pink gingham, or any other alternative color scheme.)  With M2, we were informed of the baby’s gender during the genetic testing and counseling period.  The doctor’s wanted to prepare us for any possible challenges, and even though that was twenty-four years ago, I was amazed at what was known and how little public information was available without the access of the medical community.  Our family never lost hope.

So, today when I think of a 24th birthday, and I celebrate with M2’s favorite sweets, I give thanks.  Our family is truly blessed.  Miracles do happen.  Never give up on Hope.  :)


Happy Birthday, Mallory!



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