She’d had enough of my absence. Mid-morning found me in the driver’s seat, cruising the hot spots that highlight her life. We shared an ice cream cone, went shopping for her baby sister’s birthday gift, and then to her favorite place of all, the beautiful nature park.

She’s missed me. I’ve missed her. We are making up for lost time.



“Stop and smell the roses!” … Or rather, the pentas’ and catch sight of the Monarch butterflies feeding upon their nectar.


She hid the car keys. No telling what tomorrow brings, but I’m already looking forward to her request(s). I love being “hi-jacked” by my best friend.


~ by coffeegrounded on October 27, 2014.

4 Responses to “Kidnapped!”

  1. What a beautiful princess ;)


  2. She’s a beauty! I love a happy ending. :-)


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