Christmas Life Coach

We are saved! Thanksgiving is behind us, Black Friday, and as sure as I awake tomorrow, Cyber Monday will come and go. Let us not fret. LOOK, we have a Christmas Life Coach, actually we have two, Buffalo Tom Peabody (
and his adorable sidekick, Gunther Tootie. They are here to help us through: the mad dash of shopping until we drop, hangovers, the fifteen pound weight gain, and the frenzy of cheer and antics that can only be produced at the annual Christmas office party.

After yet one less shopping day until Christmas, a bank account shivering from bare nakedness, sit back in your cozy recliners. Sip your cup of hot cider as you wile away the hours relaxing in the comfort of knowing all is well. It sure is. Just like those burning and crackling logs in the fireplace, Buffalo Tom and Gunther have arrived to help us, as God only knows they can, for we are gifted with Life Coaches. We are blest. Humor to help us meet the challenges.

Thank you Tom and Gunther.

Buffalo Tom Peabody's Blog 1

It isn’t your job to make other people happy…





…fashion senseless.

Fashion sensible = suit yourself.
Buffalo Tom & Gunther


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie

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~ by coffeegrounded on November 30, 2014.

17 Responses to “Christmas Life Coach”

  1. Thanks for reblogging! And thanks for the terrific introduction! As someone once said to me…”Leave it to you, Buffalo Tom, to make an even bigger mess out of Christmas…” Lol!

    • In my book, you’re a bit of merriment during the days of frazzled nerves, long lines, depleted inventory and sourpusses that reek havoc upon the overworked and underpaid sales staffs. Blessings for your merriment. :)

    • You really do bring a smile to people’s faces, and in this day and age, a smile brings this global world together. My wish for Christmas? That you have a wonder and blessed Holiday Season. Thank your again; I’m so glad Chris pointed me in your direction. Enjoy your day!

  2. Thank you, so much for your kind words. I hope each one of my post contains just a bit of Mark Twain’s impish, no-nonsense sense of adventure and Helen Keller’s generosity and kindness… And hopefully a touch of their wisdom.

    • Trust me, it does, but it has your very own special trademark and many, many ‘Seals of Approval’.

      I often wonder how you create such treats with such limited sight ability? Your work brings the viewer into a world of magical splendor. You took what could have been a negative and turned it into positive radiance. We are all winners under your spotlight. :-)

    • What a nice thing to say! The short version on how these pictures are made is I basically work at the pixel level with high magnification . I can only make out about 10 percent of the picture at a time. I never see the finished product as a whole. I must assemble it in my mind.

    • I take back how impressed I was before and I magnify it by infinity. Thank you for your dedication. We are so rewarded that there are no words to express how this touches hearts and souls alike.

    • You are way too kind! I really enjoy doing it. Usually I amaze myself.

    • And you always amaze your followers. :)

    • You are way too kind! I really enjoy doing it, I usually amaze myself.

    • “Always be amazing, not everyone can”. This is your bumper sticker. Ask Gunther to put it on the back of your John Deere snow plow. ;)

    • Speaking of Gunther… Today he said he wanted to do a post on never giving up. He kept talking … Trying to make his point until he finally said “Oh I give up”. Lol

    • What? That sweet kitten must not retreat! His efforts at snow drifting digs is most important! How can we manage without our little snow plower? I won’t hear of it. Nor will the rest of the crew. I’m mailing special kibble to entice the fella. We demand he rethink his decision. Tell him Mrs. Stit’s would be gloating if she caught wind of this. None of us can endure winter under that woman’s wrath…..

    • I think he was frustrated with me because I have never known him to ever give up on anything. So he was unable to come up with an example of a time when he gave up. We have ordered the deluxe snow blower attachment for our John Deere mini tractor.

    • The day is saved! Long live my heroes. :)
      The people of Buffalo were worried there for a moment, and word has it, Chicago was about to Lake Shore the Governor!

  3. Tom is a hoot – love him!!

    • His outlook on life is beautiful! I can be having a rough day and WHAM…I open WordPress and I see his latest work. Lifts me every time. Have yourself a great day and thank you for your visit. :)

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