Poetry Wars, December 2014

Zubie questions life

Zulu Hoberg
Zulu Hoberg

Grandma soothes her soul

“I haven’t a clue

neither for me

nor for you.”

(Zubie’s not so sure)

“Grandma, are you?”

“Yes, my fur.

Tis a story, true

written in love,

me plus you.

You, my grand-daughter

extra special

by charter.

I decree it be!

That the world know,

and shall see.

Zubie, you’re dear

our love is true

know no fear.

I’ll always believe this

Is meant to be

you for me

And me just for you

living a life

God blessed, true.”

~ by coffeegrounded on December 5, 2014.

19 Responses to “Poetry Wars, December 2014”

  1. :-)


  2. LOL! I have days when poetry is not my forte, and days when it just seems to flow perfectly from my pen. The more you write, the better it gets, and it gets easier.

    My best advice is to write what makes you feel good and the heck with everyone else. Artistic license and all that. Most important is to feel good about what you write.

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    • Great advice, I find it flows freely and hits it’s mark generally when I don’t try, but my favorite writing comes during a manic time. Sadly, after mania there’s the ugly free fall into the abyss.


    • LOL! I understand.

      My best writing seems to come during times of turbulence in my life. I’m actually having a hard time writing this month because I’m feeling pretty balanced- in spite of lack of job, zero income, the swiftly approaching freight train of Christmas, the fact that I’ll soon be another day older, and the disconcerting discovery that my BF seems so disturbed by the fact that he can’t be with his family for Christmas that he can’t even suggest that we spend Christmas together.

      OH GOOD! After thinking about all this I feel a frenzy of writing coming on. LOL!


    • Vicki, don’t wait for him to suggest having Christmas with you. Walk out on that limb and ask him to join you.


    • LOL! I would but my oven doesn’t work. I can’t cook here.


    • Do you have a crockpot, an outside grill? Toaster oven? What if you just invited him over for hot cocoa and cards?


    • I just LOVE the hot cocoa and cards suggestion. And I could make toast in the toaster overn. An unusual Christmas dinner, but certainly do-able.


    • Don’t let yourselves be alone at Christmas. Share the joy, and kick-butt on the loneliness factor. 😉


  3. lovely art x3x


  4. I’m happy to see you’re writing poetry now!


    • I’m only doing it to show you and Floridabourne how pathetic a poet I am. :)))))))))

      I haven’t a clue about rhythm, nor rhyme. My best writing comes after a day in the kitchen or an outing with my Lab, Hannah.


  5. Cute, I like it. :-)


    • That girl really is my granddaughter. I know there are a few folks that would take offense at my statement, but they’re just ignorant. ;-)
      Four years old this Christmas; a Goldendoodle. Half standard poodle, half golden retriever. She lives in Northern California with my daughter and son-in-law.


    • I was 40 when my daughter was born. Up until then my parents always joked that the cats were their grandchildren. They would tell people at parties how many “grandchildren” they had. :-D


    • WowZaa! That surely opened a few folks eyes! LOL
      “How many boys do you have?” “What are their ages?” Questions such as those surely came up from time to time… :-)


    • LOL, I’m still working on it but on my site I have a page called Cast & Crew, http://wp.me/P499kC-13V that should answer your questions. ;-)


    • “Cast and Crew”. Tom, I love how you work on your endeavors. Canada and the World need the luxury of laughter, scheming and antics these characters bring us. Cats at the Bar echoes, daily, just how much you care about kitty cats. :-)

      I recently watched the “Grumpy Cat” movie. I enjoyed seeing Melissa Joan Hart and her actual family, but poor Grumpy Cat didn’t charm me much. The writing and editing was choppy. And that sweet cat deserved more.


    • Thank you for your kind words! :-)
      I haven’t seen the movie yet. But sadly that type of film usually is half hearted when it comes to the scripts and editing.
      If we are ever made into a movie, I will want creative control. :-D


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