eyeTunes: Celebrity Sunday

Another zinger, a real bell-ringer. Happy tunes for these merry days. Yes, all is good, Buffalo Tom. Deja Vu from a time long ago. Memories last a lifetime. :)

And I really do believe the devil made you do this.👹

~ by coffeegrounded on December 7, 2014.

2 Responses to “eyeTunes: Celebrity Sunday”

  1. Lol! Thanks for reblogging! Gunther is a huge country music fan… All aspects of it…(his Android has every Hank Williams Sr song ever recorded! And don’t get him started on Patsy Cline! He’s not all that crazy about the new Nashville… He calls it Trashville…)


    • I’m not country, but I will unashamedly admit that Conway Twitty’s song sent me back in time. I’m old school. I heard my dad turn the radio up many a time to a Buck Owens, Conway, Jonny Cash and many other western-style singers. Patsy Cline! To this day I enjoy her work. Long gone, but she ain’t forgotten.
      My favorite genre is jazz. Oh how I LOVE musical jazz!

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