The Channel Surfers…



He was caught cat-napping.  I guess the hundreds of channels offered little entertainment for this sweet soul.  He chose to slumber the morning away.

Let me check in on Hannah…


I didn’t bother checking in on Bridget-Renee or Gilbert Grape.  Why bother?  Bridget enjoy’s the serendipity of serenity.  Let the girl have some alone time.

As for Gilbert, why invite mayhem when peacefulness dances in the vacuum of silence?

Was that my cell phone alerting me to a message in the midst of this photog session?  Yes, yes it was!   (My daughter in California.) I MUST el pronto go and enter cyberspace.  She’d sent me a video.  How sweet!  Or at least I thought as such until I let it roll.  (I had hoped to post both the first, and the second video she’d sent, but I’m not a premium user and neither am I adept at converting files into a format that can be posted.)

Both video’s represent an angry, raging creek that runs at the back of their home.  When we visited in March we witnessed a beautiful, slow moving stream, the loveliness of Mallards and one or two other variety of duck.  The creek empties into Clear Lake, famous for it’s bass fishing and claims to be the largest natural lake in all of California.  The lake itself sits right around a bend, close to the kids home.   A picturesque and peaceful place where solitude is not a grievance, but a gift to savor.

All schools were closed as was the winery that employs my daughter.  Too much water, too many concerns; folks were simply encouraged to stay close to media reports and be prepared in the event of evacuations.

I did that irritating, motherly thing and called her or texted her throughout the day.  I ran thru a safety drill, questioned her about where or when she would go.  I made her make promises to me as if she was a five year old.  And through it all, she calmly repeated a constant reassurance, “Mom don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”  “You don’t need to worry, you know I’ll do what’s right, I know friends down the street and they have a large truck.” …

And right about then I thought about the mountain, the one right out the front door.  Then another motherly barrage came spewing forth:  “There hasn’t been a fire on the moutain, has there?”  “Brush and trees are still heavy and thick, right?”  “In spite of no rain, right?”

I got myself so worked up, I rubbed off on her.  She had told me earlier in the day that they weren’t putting a Christmas tree up; my son (in-law) is off on a training mission.  By mid afternoon she messaged a picture of a beautifully decorated Christmas scene.  Live and direct from home.  There may be no tree, but the spirit of the season has come calling. Out of boredom and missing her hubby, she went all rogue and cast her decorating spell about the house.

I wonder if I can measure my relief and cyberspace it to her?  It felt wonderful to know her mind was off those angry waters.  I breathed a little bit…

Welcome to Megan and Jake’s place.  Please leave your muddy shoes on the front stoop.  👼


~ by coffeegrounded on December 11, 2014.

6 Responses to “The Channel Surfers…”

  1. Thank you for the comment on my fiction extract (Defeatist.)
    I really appreciate it!
    -Your pets are so sweet. We have a house rabbit who spends a lot of time snoozing.


  2. Oh those sleepy pets! I just want to snuggle them.

    Liked by 1 person

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