Zulu’s Wish

All I want for Christmas


Doesn’t sit beneath a tree

nor twinkle among the stars

the Christmas wish for me

arrives only by plane or car


I crawled upon the bed

something I know I’m not to do

but sadness overwhelmed me

thunder-shirt, kerchief and all


so I climbed up here anyway

hoping to hear that, SHOUT

“Zubie, get off that bed!”

but silence only echoed




loneliness within my head

oh what I wouldn’t give

to hear you shout my name

mom reminds me every day


that soon you will return

and nothing will have changed

but dad I fear this can’t be true

I’m lost in tears of sadness


For nothing else will do

to ease this lonely space

unless I cuddle deeply

within the scent of you.











~ by coffeegrounded on December 18, 2014.

4 Responses to “Zulu’s Wish”

  1. Awww poor baby :( I hope her dad is home now!

    Liked by 1 person

    • He visits when he can. He’s in training for the next 22 weeks. He’s a great dad, a wonderful hubby to my daughter, and the son I always wanted. We are blessed! 😊


  2. Oh little Zu! I tell her every day how many “sleeps” until dad comes home ;) She is allowed on the bed all the time now. Unless she’s being too rambunctious and then dad does have to get on to her. It breaks my heart when she hears a car coming down the street and she thinks it might be him. Her shirt makes her feel better though (and her pretty bandanas)!

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    • I hope to get her new shirt in the mail tomorrow. It’s a blessing to know that they help, even if just a bit.

      I took one look at that photo this morning and my heart simply melted. Too bad Hannah and her are so far apart. I would give anything to see them become friends.



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