Short and sour…

No sweetness



I got all excited when my new iPhone arrived.  Then I began to question some of my thrill skills.  Was it the newest operating system and browser updates that tossed burning flares all up in my excitement?  Something had gone awry and I  simply felt that I must ask if other Apple users have also found themselves rather ignorant and stupid lately?


As if we have landed within the walls of:




We’ve all enjoyed those bursts of creative expression where we find ourselves typing away at top-notch speed, hit the send button, only to discover upon re-reading our priceless email that we seem to have lost something.  There is some sort of ancient librarian (self-taught and dimly lit, I might add), that has taken it upon herself to recreate our whole storyline.  Rereading our work makes us wonder if we know ourselves, and worse yet, will those we’ve corresponded with forgive us when we say:


The machine made

Me do it!


P.S.  For those who ask the question, “Why didn’t she just read and edit before hitting the send button?”  This is my reply:  “New and improved things are simply that, NEW and I’MPROVED!”  And now that the hornets nest is open, let me just say this:  I still love my Apple devices.  I’m human and I just felt like ranting.”  😕



~ by coffeegrounded on January 6, 2015.

5 Responses to “Short and sour…”

  1. My phone often sends out messages that are not what I intended. But I think they try to read my mind, and they just can’t do that properly.

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  2. We have all been there :)

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  3. A friend in her signature line has the phrase “I can spell, my iPhone can’t”.
    I don’t own one or any other kind of “smart” phone but I feel your pain. I just deal with Google trying to auto correct me when I’m typing in Italian!
    Have fun with your new phone.

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