Google for Android…

Help, please…


There is no speech typing available for TTS after the latest update (noted today via a blog friend).  I’m sure you are working hard to correct the issue.  Those of us that communicate daily  (with our friends of limited or no vision), ask that you expedite this issue.  Countless world’s are brightened daily by your generosity, expertise and efforts.


 Thank you, Google

~ by coffeegrounded on January 7, 2015.

6 Responses to “Google for Android…”

  1. The update is definitely the culprit. I uninstalled all updates to the Google app and I can now type. The update still needs to be repaired because this old version of Google is really lousy. :-) thanks so much for making this known. I don’t know if my version of Android was the only one affected. The comments in the Google Play Store indicate that this update is a big problem for a lot of users , not just the speech typing issue. Again, many thanks!

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    • We all want you on the playground, it’s no fun when a friend has been tackled. Each of us has your back, as we know you have ours.😀

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    • Google and TTS which includes speech typing are such a tremendous gift and for free! That I really can’t complain about this inconvenience. But I hope they fix it! :-)

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    • It’s a lifeline for those who rely upon it and it is amazing to me how far technology has come. I was a telephone operator back in the days where we hand connected phone calls thru huge circuit boards. I’ll never forget a manager explaining the revolution the communication world was about to undergo. That was in the early seventies, and at that time I had moved from my position as an operator and began clerical work on what would later become the first electronic office of G.T.E., (in the DFW area). He explained how one day we would get our mail thru our television sets, how we would come to have our very own personal post boxes. That we would control devices with the tips of our fingers, and do so, remotely.
      I can’t imagine what my children will see in their lifetimes. I’m excited for them.

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    • There are some really fantastic vintage technology sites that I like to visit. Even the technology and imaginings that didn’t make it are fun to learn about. An imagination running wild is a beautiful thing to behold. :-)


    • I think I heard Henry Ford screech the first time he heard about the Google car traveling in and about Nevada. 😀

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