Attn: President Obama

My heart breaks for all of Paris

in the aftermath of this

weeks heinous acts of terrorism.


I am honored, for all the World that took notice of leaders from foreign nations, standing in unity, giving support, grieving for the lives lost.  And, I am extremely ashamed that you did not walk among the sea of humanity. You did not walk for us, the people of the United States of America.  Your absence spoke volumes.  Yes, Holder was in Paris, but absent from the march.  (Earlier I had reported that he was part of the event, not so.  Also, I stated that Kerry was present, wrong again.  He was actually at an economic summit in India.)  Where do you stand and with whom do you stand, the elected President of our country?  Many of us were slapped across the face by your disrespect.

~ by coffeegrounded on January 11, 2015.

2 Responses to “Attn: President Obama”

  1. Is there a way to “double like” this?

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    • I know of no way, but I appreciate that you would consider doing so. My heart was broken, my brain, numb. Something is so wrong here. I’m a military brat. To me this was the ultimate betrayal.

      I have never written anything like this before, but then again, I’ve never been “slapped across the face” this hard, either. No action he performs going forward can erase this travesty. I’m not ashamed to be an American, but I am a deeply saddened one, and I’d like France to know that my heart is with them. I don’t care what their skin color is, nor what religion they practice. Peaceful people, loving and caring people, deserve respect.


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