Can we talk?

About these two:

They look cozy, don’t they?  They should be.  They are thieves, eating my food and claiming my favored nap spots.  Working in tandem they seem to always be one step ahead of me.  That was, until today.

I sat here scheming for the better half of the day, and then it hit me.  I knew what had to be done.

I phoned for help, using mom’s cell phone I got ahold of that lady named, Siri.

I found out about keyboard shortcuts, speed dialing and the delivery numbers to a couple of our local pet food suppliers.  There’s even a number to call for pet rescue, and another for varmit snagging.

Pardon me while I spiff myself up a bit before Officer Hannah arrives.  The two of us girls have to stick together.  Living in a house with two Toms’ is a constant challenge, but we are now prepared to take on this mission.  Those two thieves have thieved their last bowl of my kibble.  Change is blowin’ in like a twister out of the Gulf.

We got this.  Are you ready for the showdown?

~ by coffeegrounded on March 10, 2015.

21 Responses to “Can we talk?”

  1. Hehehe -*(I wanna watch)*😺

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  2. Oooooooh my KATS! THIS SOUNDS FUN!!😺☕

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  3. Go get them, my sweet girls!

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    • The story begins. Two femme fatales are determined to set these dudes straight for once and for all. And to think, all along we were blaming Hannah for all those empty food dishes!

      Stay tuned. We have an Officer working the case.



    • Furs gonna fly! They are absolutely smitten with Bridget’s new kibble. I need to get them all part time jobs tossing newspapers or mowing lawns. A bag costs $33.00 and it’s a seven pound bag. Last week I bought two cases of the small size canned and it ran me seventy-two dollars. Maybe I should move them to human food and we dine on the “good” stuff. Meow…😻


  4. Uh-oh! Looks like a Texas storm is brewing! :-)

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  5. This is definitely a nail bitter. :-)

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  6. Oreo, my feline bro says Humans are trainable – I doubt it, but the pics look like the cats are doing well

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  7. yay cats!

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