Frendship Trellis

Trellis gifted by my wonderful neighbors:


They ventured off to meet their first-born Grandson and upon their return from Arkansas they brought me one very sweet item.  (No!  Not the baby, darn it!)  Their son-in law has crafted trellises to use in the garden to support pole climbers.  This gives me a great idea for pole beans and cucumbers in my limited growing area.


I love the rustic nature of Dave’s work.  He gathers wood from his land to use in the construction.I’m seriously considering hiring him to build my dream compost boxing unit.  Here’s what I use now, an old firewood stack unit.  Each Spring the chicken wire  has to be removed to dig out the compost.  As you can see, it is also difficult to turn the compost, thus slowing down the process.


Check out my bricks.  I was planning on building a small sidewalk into the walk-up to the compost this past year.  A nine-month bout with pneumonia sidelined that project, but now I’m thankful that work didn’t make it off paper to ground.  Those bricks will be used, hopefully, during construction of the new composting area.  I have twice as many bricks as you see here.  Brick work isn’t difficult if you have someone to carry the sand bags to the work area.  I actually enjoy setting brick.


Over in the N.E. corner of the backyard I noticed my clematis vine is setting out leaves.  This plant is stunning when it’s in bloom.  We’ll visit her again in early summer to cherish her beauty.


Gilbert Grape darted out the back doors and into the garden, determined not to miss a thing he went “incognito-mode,” slyly slinking about in hopes that no one would recognize he had escaped the confines of his indoor comfort zone.  We rarely let this little guy out.  I am just too afraid that he will be kidnapped.  Yes, I think he’s priceless and irreplaceable AND everyone would want him.  He’s a part of me that can’t get lost,  As he is as valuable as Princess Hannah,  and simply as entertaining.




~ by coffeegrounded on March 19, 2015.

17 Responses to “Frendship Trellis”

  1. Like your dog very much. What sort is it?

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  2. Hannah is looking particularly chipper in her photo! I love all of this. There are so many beautiful climbing plants, when I lived in Alabama all of my fences and arbors were covered! Not many climbers where I live now. I guess the growing season is too short. Another terrific post reminding me of home.

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    • I’m so excited to use it. I absolutely love the rustic look!

      Yes, Alabama is a lush, green oasis. I’ll bet your yard was beautiful. Mine will hopefully be. The drastic drought has beaten the heck out of us, but the rainy part of the year is here. Keeping our fingers crossed in the hope that the area lakes will fill. Some towns water supplies have already dried up! To the North, they are building a water pipeline from Oklahoma into Texas.

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    • I think the plant that I miss most is the Azalea, the antique red with single blooms. Jasmine and honeysuckle are my favorite climbers. Please keep your pictures and progress coming! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that needed water and precipitation!

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    • Thanks, Tom.

      I tried growing azaleas when we were living in Tulsa. Seemed as though everywhere, but my yard, had gorgeous, fully blushing bushes. They were a no show at my place. There was something, in my green thumb, that was toxic.

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  3. So very glad to hear the pneumonia has healed. Are you eligible for the pneumonia vaccine? Here’s bit of info:There are currently 2 types of pneumococcal vaccines: pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13 or Prevnar 13®) and pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV23 or Pneumovax®).

    PCV13 is recommended for all children younger than 5 years old, all adults 65 years or older, and people 6 years or older with certain risk factors.
    PPSV is recommended for all adults who are 65 years and older and for persons 2 through 64 years of age who are at high risk for pneumococcal disease.

    I’ve had many bouts of pneumonia since I was a child and was relieved to finally get a vaccine. Haven’t suffered from it for nearly a decade. Has your doctor spoken to you about the vaccine?

    Best wishes to you to stay healthy. <3 And get that garden in! :D

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    • Hi Sweetie, yes, I’ve had the standard vaccine (given every 10 years for asthmatics), but not the Prevnar. I will definitely talk to my Pulmonary doctor when we visit in May.

      I’m just falling apart. I need to find a junkyard for some replacement parts. I am currently having a go around with Shingles. I took the Zoster vaccine in early October. Evidently it works, or takes about 53% of the time for folks over the age of 60. Bingo! LOL. I have to laugh, it’s much more fun than crying.

      Oh…I learned there are over 200 known variants of pneumonia. I had the bacterial and then I was hit with the fungal. Thank goodness a viral version stayed off of my playground.

      Thank you for all the info. Keep in touch, Sweets!


  4. Your dog is so cute! Especially the bright and shining nose! :) And nine months of pneumonia? I hope you’re better! Take care!

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  5. What a charming personality your garden has! Did you make your own bricks? They are beautiful. I have a friend, Mike Kirsch, who did a wonderful documentary about the Simons Brick Company in Los Angeles. Incredible story of a company that laid millions of foundational and decorative bricks throughout the LA area. Many are still in place and the many thousands of employees, most trucked in from Mexico, have thousands of descendents who live in California and other states. I developed a real appreciation for those who engage in the back breaking but essential art of making bricks. So if you made those bricks, I salute you. And even if you didn’t, I can’t wait to see how the bricks are eventually used – and how the rest of your garden grows. The trellis is a true work of art – even bare, it is lovely.

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    • Oh my, I wish I could say that I had made those bricks, but alas, I cannot. They sat on the side yard for years, serving no purpose, I moved them a couple years ago to another area of the yard. The year before last, I built a small walkway thru a traveled area right off of the deck.

      I do love that trellis (and my sweet neighbors)! Today I’ll get a chance to see pictures (they traveled to Arkansas to meet the little man). I have a bounty of ideas as to what I will grow, probably some kind of pole beans will win out. (Right now the garden sits unplanted, last year I had plants in by the second week of February. The weather’s been cooler than normal.)

      I am going to Google about the brickwork. I can only imagine some of their creations.

      Thanks for your visit! I’ve missed you and am so glad to see you out and about, even if it’s via the computer. ;) ❤️


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