Stepping into the garden, April 7, 2015

No brickwork.  Corralling the stomach flu.

No brickwork. Corralling the stomach flu.

I dug up the invasive Tiger (Ditch) Lily and gave my neighbor the Oleander!

I dug up the invasive Tiger (Ditch) Lily and gave my neighbor the Oleander!

The transplanted Oregano, Sage and Thyme visiting the trailing Rosemary!

The transplanted Oregano, Basil, Sage and Thyme visiting the trailing Rosemary!

Palm Tree on lower left side.

Palm Tree on lower left side.

Nellie Moser Clemantis!

Nelly Moser Clematis!

Texas State Flower, lupine, Bluebells!

Texas State Flower, Lupine, Bluebonnet!

Oak Leaf Hydrangea & Silver Leaf Hydrangea!

Oak Leaf Hydrangea & Silver Leaf Hydrangea!

Comfrey is blooming!

Comfrey is blooming!

Nebraska Red Penstemmon!

Nebraska Red Penstemmon!

Beans are up!

Beans are up!


~ by coffeegrounded on April 7, 2015.

31 Responses to “Stepping into the garden, April 7, 2015”

  1. Yours is coming right along. I’m waiting till mid May since mine is only flowers and herbs in pots on my small apartment patio I tend to wait for the after Mother’s Day sales. Although I do have a few things blooming….just not my summer jungle.

    • I live to be in my garden! It’s so peaceful. I don’t get a huge harvest, but every bit helps and there’s nothing better than a fresh tomato!

  2. Holy Crap! My yard is still full of snow! :-/

  3. What a wonderful endeavor–a beautiful yard and garden! I love scrolling through these and reading your information. Thank you! (I don’t have a garden, anymore, as we no longer keep a house.)

    • Thank you Cynthia. The garden, to me, is more fun than going to the mall or a movie. I love watching the wildlife. :-)

    • I can certainly see why–it would be for me, as well! What wildlife? (Not sure where you are-I think Texas…yes or no?)

    • I raise a butterfly and bee garden! (I don’t think I’ve posted pics of it yet, this year.) It’s just now ramping up.. It will be my fifth year, and if all goes well, I should see an increase in Monarchs and honeybee’s.
      I have anole and gecko lizards, dozens of them! They have already begun their foraging.
      Nighttime brings out the possum and bats, and daytime the squirrels journey over to aggravate Hannah, my dog.
      Currently there’s a family of fox in our neighborhood, but I’ve yet to see them. My neighbor has a night vision camera and they visit his backyard all the time, along with raccoons.

    • Sounds marvelous! I am certain you have many good stories about all these creatures–I hope you post a few!

    • Will do!❤️

  4. Beautiful! Getting a wee bit “homesick” with these pics. I can see the humidity and moist soil! 😻

    • Yes, Amy, we have been fortunate this past weekend we received about three quarters of an inch of rain!

      You’re homesick? Where are you from? Originally, I’m native to Colorado. I married a Texan forty years ago.

    • Texas…now in NM, nearly in Co! I love it here, just very different than the gulf coast/south tx!

    • If you tell me you live in Santa Fe, I’m visiting😉. (My oldest sister is right over the border, south of Alamosa.)

      Yes, it does get a wee bit balmy here. The question to ask oneself on a humid day: “Do I shower now, or when I return?” LOL!

  5. Lovely! And the pictures are large enough to see. :-)

    My sis-in-law is the one with gardening talent. Unless I ignore the plant, I can kill anything that grows. That, I do not consider a talent.

    But I do enjoy the beauty of other people’s cultivation.

    • Thank you. I do a lot of macro shots. I have trouble with fine detail , plus, I simply solve to really enjoy plants and flowers.
      Thanks for viewing. 😘

  6. I also love gardening. Last year I started planting to attract butterflies and they came…in droves. I had a mass of zinnias that really brought them in. I’m hoping to do the same this year. I have a big yard..a ton of beds…but I’m too cheap to buy full price so I get started a bit later in the season when I can get plants on sale. I’ve planted everything in my yard and even built a gazebo from a recycled dish. Its actually quite pretty.

    • Funny you should mention zinnias, I’m ripping out a bed of rudbeckia (so invasive to our area of North Texas!), and planting seeds this next week. I love the numerous colors, length of flowering and THOSE hordes of butterfly they attract. They also weather well in this intense summer heat.

      My housework takes a backseat in the Spring and early days of Summer. Sadly, by July it is time to hide indoors in the comfort of the air conditioning. The garden will have spent itself, with the exception of the native perennials, but come early September I will be planting my fall greens. I’ll also shape up the tomato plants that have survived the brutal heat, fertilizing and trimming them (I shade cover them thru July and August).

      Happy Gardening!

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