I Was The Kind of Kid Who…

Mallory Can't Even


I was the kind of kid who entered to be in the Lisa Frank catalog ultimate fan section numerous times (as seen above), only to be outdone by other children who probably didn’t look like they were aiming for the “Nick Nolte mugshot” when styling their hair that day.

I was the kind of kid who was emotionally invested in the television show Cheers.

I was the kind of kid who had zero athletic ability, and who did so poorly during 7th grade basketball tryouts, lost out to a girl who straight up vomited during the tryout and still made it.

I was the kind of kid who used to reenact the Mary Katherine Gallagher sketches from SNL at school and then be politely asked to stop by a teacher.

I was the kind of kid who once wrote a letter to American Girl asking them to lower their prices because they were…

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~ by coffeegrounded on April 9, 2015.

4 Responses to “I Was The Kind of Kid Who…”

  1. I absolutely love this and can totally identify. The girl vomiting at basketball…she would have been picked over me also. But I always wanted to be part of groups! lily

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    • Thank you. My daughter surprises me. When she wrote this I simply had to share it. So many kids are having a rough time, life is hard, much more difficult than in my day. I want others to know that they are not alone. I want them to celebrate their differences, to look at them as a means of stepping beyond the mockery and injustice. I want them to know they are worthy, that worth is not defined by someone else’s opinion, but by the thoughts and joys they, themselves, rejoice within because without those differences we have no uniqueness. We each have a celebration in us!


    • just lovely…thank you

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    • Likewise. ❤️


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