Butterfly or Moth Larvae?


I placed the straw mulch in the garden yesterday.  Heavy wind and thunderstorms were forecast for early evening.  While I worked, I was cautious around the dill and fennel plants.  Those particular plants play host to the Swallowtail, a strikingly beautiful butterfly!

I noted that all the plants were vacant, but also recalled what I had witnessed last Spring. Those Larvae are wise to the weather.  One day I noted one lounging about on a plant, and as storms approached the creature went into hiding.  The next afternoon I found him back amidst his host.

It was late afternoon when I saw this particular, beautiful specimen.  He was lounging in the planter, in a part of the deck area that is roofed, munching and crunching away within the Bizzy-Lizzie’s (better known as Impatiens).

Tomorrow I’ll venture back to his home site and see how things are going.  My hope is to see him flitting about the butterfly garden once the blooms are heavy-set.

Last week there was  a Giant Swallowtail feeding within the Pittosporum tree.  A yellow and brown one, my first to see!  Generally the black and blue marked swallowtail are frequenting the beds, along with the Monarch, and yellow and white moths at this time of year.

Nature's artwork.  Butterfly or moth larvae, hiding within the Impatiens.

Nature’s artwork. Butterfly or moth larvae, hiding within the Impatiens.


Nature's majestic beauty.

Beauty, defined by Nature.


Clutching, or should I say, "Hanging on for dear life?"

Clutching, or should I say, “Hanging on for dear life?”


ETA:  Unknown.

ETA: Unknown.

~ by coffeegrounded on April 19, 2015.

8 Responses to “Butterfly or Moth Larvae?”

  1. Those designs are just outstanding.

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  2. I just love your posts! Wish I was there to walk with you thru this beautiful garden of love.

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  3. What a gorgeous creature! I’d love to see what the chrysalis looks like if you can find it for a photo.

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    • I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for it. I briefly worked there deadheading flowers late this afternoon. Our little friend wasn’t visible. He must be munching and crunching in another cafe today. 😉


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