The Shocking Truth! April 24, 2015


I was living the dream,

working away in my little garden spot

and then Marsha arrived…



Prepare for the unthinkable…


Mini-Mondo (extension) prep site.
Mini-Mondo Grass (extension), prep site.

And then my friend Marsha showed up, in a tizzy and he//bent on getting an explanation from me.  I’m not proud of the fact that I hurt her feelings.  Seriously.  As she ranted and raved about my rendezvous with her husband, I found myself helpless to defend my actions.  Finally, I’d had enough.  I grabbed my shovel and shoved it towards her.  I have to warn you, the following photos may prove a bit unsettling to some of you, for that, I’m sorry.



It was all too much for her, as Hannah arrived to explain, Marsha fainted! Click on the pic. (Evidence)
It was all too much for her, as Hannah arrived to explain, Marsha fainted!
Click on the pic. (Evidence)
I felt eyes on me for the rest of the afternoon.

When she came to, this is where she found herself.  And as the sun was setting , there was still no sign of Mortimer.  





~ by coffeegrounded on April 21, 2015.

10 Responses to “The Shocking Truth! April 24, 2015”

  1. You make encountering snakes seem funny. Me encounter a snake? You’ll hear me scream, all the way from California to Texas. You are very kind, Margie. Me – I hate snakes! But this is a funny story – you have a unique perspective.

    • Sharon, I’m still frightened of snakes, the ones that I cannot identify, which would be all but the two types that I’ve witnessed within the past week. For years I have seen them while mowing, composting and especially while digging within the garden beds.

      Thankfully they aren’t large and they have never appeared aggressive. I finally got brave enough to enquire about them, and was fortunate enough to find someone quite knowledgeable on the subject.

      I can promise you, I will never grab a basket from the kitchen, drag out my daughters flute from high school, and take up snake charming. There’s no money in it…

      My humor is my coping mechanism. ;-)

  2. What I see: A flower, some dirt, half a snake, a dog tail, and a statue in a pot. I’m not sure Mortimer would be pleased. :-)

    Around these parts, we have rattlers, pigmy rattlers, water mocassins, and rat snakes. When the scales are not bright, I’ve no fright. :-)

    • Oh, I didn’t slay the ‘ole gal, I woke her up when I went to pick her up, I was afraid Hannah was going to use her as a play toy. Last time we saw her she was between the pots, most likely heading for the safety of the lower deck.

    • I’m glad to hear she didn’t become a doggie chew toy. :-)

    • Me too! Hannah would have had a field day.
      What tickled me was to see her playing ‘dead’! LOL

    • A few days earlier I’d written another serpent story. Mortimer, Marsha’s hubby and I had an encounter.

      That post is titled: (Bucket List) Snake Wrangler!

  3. What a wonderful story.

    • Thank you, Henry. A few days earlier I blogged about Mortimer. I see these friends all over the front and back yard. I’m a nature lover and an organic gardener. It was time for me to see if danger lurked. I hauled “Mortimer” off in a bucket (closed lid) to the local Animal Services Dept. A very kind officer educated me, and since these little snakes are helping me and they are not poisonous, I asked the officer for help. I held the snake and the rest is history. Go back a couple days in my blog and you can read about that escapade. ;)

    • It’s a fun story and your garden is amazing. I can’t to see the full blooms. I haven’t seen any snakes in our yard. We used to have many gardener snakes around when I was growing up.

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