Heaven’s Irrigation System, May 10, 2015

It’s time to belly up to the bar, slosh my way into the garden.  This weekly update is especially exciting.  A week ago on Monday we discovered our French drain was clogged. Thankfully our plumber worked his magic and we were ready for the latest onslaught of rains that came.  Came.  Kept coming. And are still coming, and will continue after a short delay.  Tomorrow promises us a clear day, but soon afterward we will be on our way to setting a record for Spring rains.  No complaints here!  Our lakes are filling and our exceptional drought threat is now abated.  Come along, let’s go see what we can see, while we can see it:


The area Hannah is headed for is where the cleared drains are located.  They are pushing water as quickly as they can.  Sadly, I think Hannah is about to be disappointed.  This is no stock pond, no deep ditch and a very sorry swim hole.



At one point, water was scaling over the rock border and bringing debris from the compost. I’ll be power flushing the system once the rains move out, until then I can only hope that the organic matter spills onto the grass and adds a nitrogen boost of the major kind. (Thankfully, my Hydrangea’s are in a raised bed and do not appear to be in danger of root rotting.)


Water runoff from my neighbor’s yard.  Thankfully we slope to the west from this spot. Oh, and look, the cucumber plants have a surprise!



Picked the bounty of four yellow cherry tomatoes this week.  YUM!  (No photo…they were so delicious.)


A quick dash through the splash and here’s an update on the herbs and veggies.


Jack will soon take up residency.  (The “lovely” yellow bucket is an added compost/water station.  Those beans are growing so quickly, I’ll need to revitalize their soil with some topdressing.)


Yes, there are my infamous bricks.  Still waiting for their install.  One day soon.  The scent of,  Off bug spray invades my nostrils as I type this.  Rather to go under from chemical poisoning than West Nile Virus.  We lost a good friend and dear band instructor last year.  Another friend suffered for months in the hospital and then went to rehab to learn how to walk again.  DFW area is Magnet City for the mosquitos that carry this dreaded illness.


No, those are not snakes corralling at the A-OK Corral, just some twigs that were blown from the nearby trees and bushes as high winds approached.


~ by coffeegrounded on May 10, 2015.

6 Responses to “Heaven’s Irrigation System, May 10, 2015”

  1. […] Coffeegrounded […]

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    • Thank you for thinking of me, Izzy. I sincerely appreciate that you feel I am worthy of this award. Sadly, Sweets, I must decline. I no longer accept awards. I am happy to answer any list of questions you, or other readers wish to ask, though.


  2. Love watching your garden grow – thanks for the frequent updates and wonderful photos. I so enjoy the fruits of your labor. We don’t get much rain here and sure could use some of yours but then West Nile virus is also not as threatening. Standing water draws the mosquitoes but then you know that.
    Hubby planted a butterfly garden for us – a tiny patch of vibrant flowers next to our front walk. Other than that one little bed, we’re pulling up the exotics and putting down the natives.
    Here’s to giving nature a boost.

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    • Thank you, Sharon. Rain has been my gardens blessing. Water out of the tap just doesn’t work. The chlorine, fluoride and who knows what else they add to it, takes the goodness out of it.
      I tried to grow the hobbiest-style plants once upon a time. They suffered, and so did I, as I watched them wither and die. Each year I plant more natives, and each year my garden thanks me with more bees and butterflies.
      I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day.


  3. Looks like your garden is doing great. :-)

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