George Clooney, Caffeine Crashes, and Running Underwater.

I know this writer, she’s funny to the bone. Growing up she always said, “One day I’ll be a writer for SNL.”

She and her sister are book addicts, but a 12-Step program is the last thing they need.

Her sister grew up saying this, “One day I want to live in a cardboard box on the street.”

Thankfully, neither one of them live inside a cardboard built villa. I’m pretty sure Jeff Bezos castle has a turret they funded, though.

Mallory Can't Even

Hello and happy Tuesday! Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday! After returning from my Grandparents yesterday evening our power went out, and stayed that way for hours. By the time it did kick back on it was late in the evening and I was about a half hour away from going to bed. This whole weekend we bounced from tornado to flood watches, and needless to say, all activities remained indoors this Memorial day weekend!

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Friday after work Jake and I ventured to Alamo Drafthouse to see the new Disney movie, Tomorrowland. Alamo had crafted up a new themed menu for the film, which is one of the million reasons why they are coolest movie theater ever. I opted for “The Bright Future”, and it was wonderful! As for the movie, it was kinda meh. It was a pleasant surprise seeing Hugh Laurie though. I am…

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~ by coffeegrounded on May 26, 2015.

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