Friday Finds

She’s at it again…besides, all of my photos show flooding, dying flowers and a very sad pup. She would love to romp and play, but all the pine and hay in her run path is inches under water. We’ve already had one bath this past week. Yes, WE is the operative word. I was digging trenches toward the French drains, hacking at tree root branches for clearing and too busy to keep up with Hannah’s antics. At one point I did happen to notice she resembled, Bullseye, the Target doggie. Resuming work, I became obsessed with my engineering project. Completing the dam and the two trenches, I was ready to call it a day. I called for Hannah and was not prepared for what I would discover: A yellow Lab had miraculously turned into a chocolate one.

Back to that bath. It was actually a shower and the two of us indulged in a cucumber and mint, dog shampoo, lengthy spa treatment.

Dang stuff costs more than my brand, but I think I’ve killed all of my fleas. Maybe it’s time I took another treatment. So minty fresh, and the cucumber helped eliminate those bags from under my eyes.

Mallory Can't Even

Hello and happy Friday! Thankfully this week breezed by thanks to the Monday holiday, but as always, I am ready for the weekend. Tomorrow morning my Dad and I’ll be running a race hosted by a local brewery, otherwise known as the T.A.P 5K. They had to change the course due to the excessive amount of flooding this area has received over the past couple of weeks, so it will interesting to see how creative the race directors had to get in order to avoid the race turning into a mini Iron Man. Other than that I don’t have much else this planned this weekend, so I am looking forward to a lot of reading and relaxing! Until then, let’s round up some favorites from the week.

  • Power outage and board games


On Monday evening we experienced a bit of a power outage, so instead of sitting around and staring…

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7 Responses to “Friday Finds”

  1. Labs are the spice of life. I remember all too well we got 2 baths for the price of one. Give your pup an ear scratch from Chocolate Town… Hershey, PA. :)

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  2. You’ve got a wicked wit!

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  3. Oh, I got a good chuckle out of this one – Hannah went from yellow to chocolate! If only covering my gray were that easy & fun! ;)

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    • Amy, I got a jolt the other day. Standing at a cosmetic counter with my younger girlfriend, I was trying to find a less than shocking coral lipstick to wear with my new dress. I’m trying one after another, finally I openly admit, “all of these look so shocking on me. I don’t think I care for any other, but I can’t wear a deep burgundy like I do in winter and pink or mauve just isn’t going to go with my dress.” Theyoung clerk looks up at mean and say’s, “Oh you can pull it off! You have salt and pepper hair. It will brighten you up a bit.

      I couldn’t be angry with her comment. She spoke off the cuff and gave an honest opinion.

      I think I’ll have my stylist add some auburn undertones, go back to that store and ask that young lady to pick out a color for me. I’ll take my dress along with me.

      Almost 63, and I believe I don’t look a day over 43; what dream am I having? Somebody wake me up. LOL. ;)


  4. Try to stay clean and dry ladies!

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