As an Advocate I was Defeated

No one is ever defeated when they stand and speak of things that have been muted, silenced, kept under lock and key for fear that they will be difficult for others to understand. This is one such message, for silence can be deafening, fear can be all consuming. Ignorance can be deadly.

To be shunned is one thing, to be feared, another. To feel hopeless is life’s greatest despair. Within each one of our lifetimes we will struggle with something. This woman and I share something in common. We have a mental illness.

A powerful voice cannot be silenced by fear, especially when the voice strives to educate. This is one such voice:

A Journey With You

Last night was sad for me. My husband and I tried for hours to work through my paranoia about an open letter I wrote to a game developer. The letter was spreading on the Internet, and I became frightened that the game developer would come after me.

My husband and I read the letter again and again. There was nothing wrong with the letter it was just my opinion that creating a game about psychosis, depression, and anxiety is disrespectful to those of us with a mental illness.

The company developing the game claims the game is being developed to help eradicate stigma. My position was, and is, that it is a game. That means it is entertainment. Making the suffering of others into entertainment is, in my opinion, awful. I said why in the letter I wrote.

My husband thought the letter was well written, powerful, and he was…

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~ by coffeegrounded on June 22, 2015.

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