Stars and Stripes, FOREVER!


  Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!

(Click the pic to enlarge.)

Camden is ready to roll!

Camden is ready to roll!


(My niece is cruising her pumped-up bike in the neighborhood parade this morning.).

Thank you to all who have served with the United States military services.  You make us proud!  Our reverence to all who served and lost their lives.  My special appreciation to all who came back home maimed, injured, and all who suffer from Post Traumatic Syndrome.  Trust and believe that  you  will NOT be forgotten. ❤️  It is time for all of America to stand and be counted in the commitment to aid and assist all who made the “Call to Duty!”


~ by coffeegrounded on July 4, 2015.

6 Responses to “Stars and Stripes, FOREVER!”

  1. We enjoyed out local Fourth of July parade with several of our family members in it and several of us cheering them on. Happy Birthday to us.

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  3. Your niece’s bike is very festive. How exciting she can be a part of the parade. Have a good and safe day. Enjoy the night fireworks. 😊

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