Point, ‘Homeward’…


(Girl, I haven’t forgotten you.)

Three days from now and I will be heading homeward. I may someday write a short story about it that gives fuller meaning to this journey. Tonight my heart is simply set on getting back to family and friends. Almost three weeks ago, I traveled with my niece and her two little ones to North Eastern Arkansas.  My nephew is a former Arkansas State Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach.  Recently he was recruited by TCU, Fort Worth, to join the coaching staff for the Horned Frogs Women’s Basketball team.  He left to begin his assignments and I offered to return home with his wife to complete the sale of their home. Because there are two little “cookie monsters” sprouted, I thought a second set of hands might come in handy while he was away.

But the second day after arriving, we would learn of the hospitalization of my father-in-law.  He suffers stage IV lung cancer and had developed another case of pneumonia. AND, then there was news that he had suffered a mild heart attack! For days I struggled trying to decide should I go, or should I stay. Truthfully I was a mess! I agonized as his condition worsened,  “What should I do?  How can I leave a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy, with two small kids , to sell her home, manage the utility cancels, insurance quotes,  let alone the 7.5 hour card ride (one way)?  Well, I couldn’t and wouldn’t allow it.”

Anyway, this transition may not sound encouraging, but I can guarantee I will walk from it a better person due to all that it has taught me.  I love these kids, even these two grown ups; they are my family.  And we are a family that cares dearly for each other. My niece and I were open and honest with our struggles. We walked a heavy road knowing that we were doing our very best. I have grown to love and APPRECIATE this beautiful, vibrant young lady all the more.

I left home in the trusting hands of my spouse and our twenty-four year old daughter.  They have taken up gourmet-style cooking.  I’m in for a superb treat if I discover they want to take over the kitchen.  With the yard, garden, laundry, shopping and bill-paying, it would be lovely to drop one chore from my list.

Besides, these two are best buds!  Why should I wrangle into their business? Each time I do, there is an uneven battle line drawn.  Best for me to just putz around with bricks and sand and appreciate that they do well without my best laid intentions. I need to apply myself to a few other neglected items.  I still have that brick walk area that I want to install, the redesign up front on the exterior landscaping.  It’s too hot to jump into the midst of the planting, but I’ve got a guy lined up from the organic nursery that offers his services reasonably.  Come early Fall and I could execute the newly planned program.

And then there’s my best friend, Hannah.  Usually this time of year finds us floating with our safety vests on, jumping and diving into the lake.  It’s a joy to watch her jump and play as a way to exercise her rheumatoid arthritis and hip problems.  I look forward to our playtime. Rains have flooded Lake Grapevine, chances are we won’t be vacationing on those beaches. But a sprinkler and a children’s pool is an option.

Thanks for lending an ear.  Come chew on mine if you need to.  That’s what friends are for, family too.

~ by coffeegrounded on July 16, 2015.

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  1. Home is where you make your family comfortable. Have fun!

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