Radish, Cucumber & Apple Salad

Throwback Thursday…get it on with good, lite and fresh …

Blazing Burners

What better way to stay refreshed than with a crunchy bit of cool.  And that’s exactly what this salad was.  I’d hoped for a bit of leftovers, but those two hungry bears arriving for dinner had feasted most feverishly, and all that I have to remember this bit of history is the veggie & fruit photo-op’s.

Wait here, while I stir things up…

(Stone ground mustard, olive oil, rice vinegar, a bit of lemon with a bit of salt and pepper.)


Crunch, crunch, crunch…crunch…I lost the photo of the apples, or more precisely, I ditched it. Twas not a pretty post-op.  Mixed up, it wins, but naked, well, it was just ugly.  ;)

(The original recipe didn’t call for any jalapeno’s, but I’m a rebel, living for a thrill ride down the back alley of veggie-ness, messing things up with a bit-o-smoke.)  ;)

Some folks just have big-time Mojo.  They…

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~ by coffeegrounded on July 17, 2015.

4 Responses to “Radish, Cucumber & Apple Salad”

  1. No chocolate sauce dribbled on top? ;D

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  2. loving this…looks fresh and inviting

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    • Zelda, this is one of those salads that simply surprises! It is so cool, refreshing and crisp. It pairs well with fried chicken, and is great to take along on a picnic.

      Thank you for visiting. This post was actually gleaned from my Blazing Burner Blog, an item my daughter and I featured a few years back. You will generally find me over here at coffeegrounded.wordpress.com

      Please excuse the disorganization. I have so many housekeeping chores to do on this site. I simply need someone to lock me in a box and duck tape me in until I clean up this miss-mash.

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